How to Treat Underwatered Cannabis Plants

You might have heard of overwatered plant, but this might be the first time you’ve come across the case of underwatered plants.

You know your marijuana plants are underwatered when the seedling is wilting, droopy, not maturing, and the growing pot isn’t moist.

Whether you’re growing marijuana hydroponically or in the soil, and indoors or outdoors, you should give your plants the right amount of water.


Cannabis Sativa close up

The roots of your plants should always have access to moisture. Because of transpiration, the plants lose water around the clock through their leaves. As the marijuana crops lose water from their leaves, they pull the water up from the ground. And if there’s no sufficient water at the roots, the growth of your plants will be hindered as well as the other plant processes. If the roots dry out, the plants will meet death. This is why it’s crucial that the roots should have easy access to water.


It’s the seedling that suffers most when the plant is underwatered. The same goes when it’s overwatered. You can prevent them from suffering by keeping the plant moist. If you notice that the growing pot or container is completely dry that the soil is already detaching from the growing medium, then that means your crop is underwatered. The soil can only separate from the container if the ground is parched.

Marijuana seedling


What can you do if your cannabis plant is already underwatered? Just give them more water so that the roots can recover and the plant can begin growing again. Most of the time, the plants can overcome the underwater issue after they receive more water.

watering can


Now, underwatering is already a nasty issue in itself, but the problem can get worse if you give your cannabis seedlings too many nutrients than needed or if you planted them in a nutrient-enriched or hot soil.

When you combine underwatering and high levels of nutrients, the seedlings may turn dark green. They might even grow bent and with a different color.


This is only an opinion, but if you can’t keep your plants moist all the time or you think you’ll encounter this underwatering problem, then it’s ideal not to start out using a hot soil mix. Sure, your seedlings might grow easily into it IF the growing environment is good, but it’s not always a brilliant choice.

Now, if you’re not sure what a underwatered and overwatered cannabis plants look like, then watch this YouTube video. It’s very helpful.

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