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How To Set Up Your Grow Tent in 5 Steps

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Who said setting up a grow tent is difficult? This article will make you realize how quick and easy it is to get your tent ready for some cannabis growing.

Ready or not, here we go!

1. Prepare the Location

Clear up the area where you’ll be placing your grow tent permanently. Measure correctly to make sure it can accommodate the grow tent.

2. Install Your Lights

King Plus 1000wLED grow lights are the best choice because of their various benefits. To hang them, use rope ratchets—they’re affordable and quick to install. Aside from that, adjusting your lights up or down is easier with rope ratchets. Ensure that the lights are secured by checking if the rope ratchets can manage at least twice the light’s weight. By the way, we have a buying guide for LED grow lights found here.

3. Install Your Fan

The circulation of air is one of the most crucial elements you should prioritize when setting up your grow room. To set up your exhaust system, hang it using rope ratchets, a durable nylon cord, or industrial zip ties. Hang it from the upper bars inside your grow tent. The fan will make sure that the tent is adequately ventilated. If you set it up outside the tent, it’ll sound louder and vibrate more.

Apollo 48”x48”x80” Mylar

Ensure there’s a tiny hole to allow air to enter the tent. Check if your grow tent has a removable vent near its bottom to let air in. If you’re afraid of light leaking into your tent, you can create a small window facing down to enable air to get in, but not the light.

4. Set Up Your Carbon Filter

Your filter will make sure the tent won’t smell. To set one up, hang it using the ever-reliable rope ratchets. Remember that carbon filters are heavy, which is why you’re bound to use rope ratchets. Make sure there’s an airtight line passing from the filter to the fan to hamper smells from exiting your grow tent.  You can hang your filter at the back of your tent so that it won’t be able to interfere much. If your grow tent has no hood, you can directly connect it to the exhaust fan. You can also join the filter to the light which is connected to the fan if you have an air-cooled hood.

Trick: Install your carbon filter with a fan connected inside the room (aside from the fan in your grow tent), then add the power of ONA gel to ensure all the odors will quickly escape the room every time you open your tent.

5. Check the Sound, Light, and Safety

Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 TentSound – Lessen the fan sounds by hanging them instead of making them sit or lean on something. Always clean them too. Meanwhile, position your water and air pumps on a wooden piece first to deaden their vibration.

Light and Odor – See to it that no amount of light or odor that can escape the tent. Your carbon filter should be fixed to the fan correctly, making sure that no air can leak in or out.

Safety – Ensure your electronics (wires, power strips, etc.) are off the ground—keep them above the waist to be safe in the event of a water spill. All cords should also be wrapped up tidily and fastened in place.