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King Plus 1000w Review

King Plus 1000w

Introduction Honestly speaking, growing marijuana or any other plants indoors can be taxing, not to mention the headache-causing expenses if you don’t have the right light. However, with King Plus 1000w, you won’t need to worry about the bill! One of the top reasons why your plants need LED grow lights is because it lowers […]

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G8LED 240 Review

G8LED 240

Introduction You’ve got to love this grow light made for medium-sized indoor gardens. It comes with an 8-band light spectrum that supplies infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The G8LED 240 emphasizes the significance of infrared light which has a vital role in the development of your plants.In case you didn’t know, plants need the right amount […]

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Advanced Platinum Series P450 Review

Advanced Platinum Series P450

Introduction If you want to supply your plants with 100% usable light, you must check out the P450! It uses only 250 watts of actual power and efficiently replaces a traditional 600w HPS grow light. It’s ideal for small and medium tents, closet grows, and hydroponic trays. The P450 is even tailored to produce the […]

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Advanced Platinum Series P600 Review

Advanced Platinum Series P600

Introduction Ready to grow plants indoors? Get yourself the Advanced Platinum Series P600 today! We all know how important light is when it comes to cultivating plants. Well, this one got you completely covered because it’s a full spectrum grow light that includes 12 bands of light spectrum. And since it covers IR to UV […]

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ViparSpectra Reflector V600 Review

ViparSpectra V600

Introduction Be fascinated with the next generation of VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Style LED grow lights! The ViparSpectra Reflector V600 has a full-spectrum layout, a reflector design, and aluminum cooling heat sinks perfect for any indoor plants, especially for your marijuana crops. Because it’s a full-spectrum LED grow light, it supplies the right amount of light for […]

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