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How Cannabis Buds Grow: One Chapter at A Time


Your cannabis plant will have to go through several stages before you can harvest it. As a grower, you have to be aware of the buds’ demands as they form through the growth phases. It is your duty to cater to their needs and respond immediately to any given situation. To know how to react […]

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The Right Way of Trimming Cannabis Buds (Wet Method)


Today, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to trim using the wet method. This technique is easier as the leaves are sticking out, making them quicker to notice and prune, compared to when you use the dry method. It nearly always leads to a quicker drying process as well since the extra plant […]

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How To Cool Your Grow Tent If It’s Too Hot


Excessive heat can kill your cannabis plants, especially during the flowering phase. This is the reason why we’ll discuss 10 different ways on how to cool down your grow tent. Environment Hacks Low in Number Your grow tent might be hot because it’s handling more than enough crops. Too many plants can cause the temp […]

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Adjust the Humidity Level in Your Grow Tent the Proper Way


1st Step: Buy a Humidity Monitor Just like a thermometer, a humidity monitor is also a must-have which can help you check the humidity level in your grow tent. You can also purchase a combometer—a humidity and temperature checker in one instrument. 2nd Step: Know the Ideal Relative Humidity (RH) Young plants should receive 40-60% […]

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How To Set Up Your Grow Tent in 5 Steps

Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 Tent

Who said setting up a grow tent is difficult? This article will make you realize how quick and easy it is to get your tent ready for some cannabis growing. Ready or not, here we go! 1: Prepare the location Clear up the area where you’ll be placing your grow tent permanently. Measure correctly to […]

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The Best Type of Soil for Growing Cannabis


If you’re not into growing cannabis hydroponically or without soil, then you must know what’s the best soil for the plant. This article aims to help growers cultivate their own marijuana plants with the best type of soil there is. The Characteristics of a Fine Cannabis Soil If you want the plant to flourish, and […]

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The Must-Haves for Your Low Budget Grow Room


Have a limited budget? Don’t worry; you can still set up a grow room for your cannabis plants! Simply take note of the following essentials. Light Your marijuana plants need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of undisturbed night. Light is crucial if you want fruitful yields. Failing to give time to sleep without […]

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How to Treat Underwatered Cannabis Plants

watering can

You might have heard of overwatered plant, but this might be the first time you’ve come across the case of underwatered plants. You know your marijuana plants are underwatered when the seedling is wilting, droopy, not maturing, and the growing pot isn’t moist. Whether you’re growing marijuana hydroponically or in the soil, and indoors or outdoors, you should […]

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The Significant Role of Light When Growing Cannabis

King Plus 1000w

It doesn’t matter if you grow your cannabis plants outdoors or indoors, they’ll need light, either way, to grow and mature. Your plants can’t keep living and growing if they don’t receive enough light from the right type of lighting. Except during the germination of seeds, you’ll be needing light for all stages of your […]

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How to Grow Cannabis Using the Cloning Method


Did you know that this is the most brilliant technique to cultivate marijuana? No wonder it’s famous for indoor marijuana growers and other farmers! In the cloning method, a farmer uses a few donor plants, cuts out their shoots and branches, then allows them to mature in a new medium. What’s great about cloning is […]

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