How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds (Quick & Easy)

germinate cannabis seeds

Getting cannabis seeds to sprout is known as germination. In nature, this happens underground, but it isn’t an entirely reliable process in a well-organized grow-op. In the case of cannabis, it is often better to germinate a seed before planting to ensure that the plant will indeed grow and eventually lead to a successful harvest. […]

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How to Grow Cannabis Hydroponically


Using hydroponics to grow cannabis is not as complicated as it seems, but all the new terminology and techniques can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. For those who take the time to learn the system, the benefits are profound. Hydroponics offers a way to grow cannabis without the fear of soil-borne illness, which is […]

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Growing Cannabis Indoors vs Outdoors: Which is Better?

indoors vs outdoors

When first getting into cannabis farming, it may seem odd that so many growers tend to choose an indoor climate over an outdoor one. There is nothing inherently wrong with a plant growing in its natural environment, and a lot of the reasoning for indoor grows in the past came down to the stealth aspect […]

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