How to Treat Underwatered Cannabis Plants

watering can

You might have heard of overwatered plant, but this might be the first time you’ve come across the case of underwatered plants. You know your marijuana plants are underwatered when the seedling is wilting, droopy, not maturing, and the growing pot isn’t moist. Whether you’re growing marijuana hydroponically or in the soil, and indoors or outdoors, you should […]

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The Significant Role of Light

King Plus 1000w

It doesn’t matter if you grow your cannabis plants outdoors or indoors, they’ll need light, either way, to grow and mature. Your plants can’t keep living and growing if they don’t receive enough light from the right type of lighting. Except during the germination of seeds, you’ll be needing light for all stages of your […]

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How to Grow Cannabis Using the Cloning Method


Did you know that this is the most brilliant technique to cultivate marijuana? No wonder it’s famous for indoor marijuana growers and other farmers! In the cloning method, a farmer uses a few donor plants, cuts out their shoots and branches, then allows them to mature in a new medium. What’s great about cloning is […]

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The Story Behind the Cannabis We Know


You probably know that the Mexican Spanish word “marijuana,” is the common term of cannabis. Cannabis originated from the Greek word kannabis and had been known to send people into a pleasant, high state. Its use, however, changed drastically over time. For over 3,000 years, cannabis fibers were used to make ropes and cords because […]

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Explained: How LED Grow Lights Work

led grow lights setup

You’re probably wondering how these teeny-weeny lights can help in the growth of your plants even when there’s lack of sunlight. So for your sake, we’ll explain how LED (light-emitting diode) grow lights work. Let’s begin with a fun fact: Plants can absorb more blue light than any other colors (such as light and green). […]

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7 Reasons Why LED Grow Lights Are Perfect for Growing Plants

Advanced Platinum Series P450

For starters, indoor plants require as much sunlight as outdoor ones. Before LED grow lights came into the picture, fluorescent bulbs and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps were used. However, these two weren’t recommended for little grow room owners who only need a compact lighting system because these lights require you to have a vast area […]

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The Benefits of Using a Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

G8LED 240

  A lot of people may wonder, “Why should I buy a full-spectrum LED grow light?” For starters, full-spectrum LED lights deliver the entire visible spectrum of light. As you all are well aware, full-spectrum LED grow lights are new on the market, and their advantages have already been questioned. Some people doubt their efficiency […]

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Growing Cannabis: The Different Techniques of Germinating Seeds

Marijuana seedling

Germination is a process you perform before you plant the seeds. Whether you choose to plant indoors or outdoors, this step is essential for the growth of your crop, which is why you have to do it properly. Before germinating costly cannabis seeds, I suggest you try germinating regular seeds first. Practice might not make […]

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How to Grow Cannabis Hydroponically

Indoor marijuana plant

Growing marijuana hydroponically or without soil is a method that’s becoming popular these days. Follow the steps below and reap the results! If you want a more in-depth guide, we highly recommend the Marijuana Grow Bible. Prepare the materials you need. You’ll need the following: Seeds or clones White paint Hydroponic nutrients Pots or containers […]

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Which is Better: Growing Cannabis Indoors or Outdoors?

Cannabis Sativa close up

You’re probably aware that cannabis can grow in soil or hydroponically. But where is the best place to grow them, indoors or outdoors? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages. Indoors A lot of growers grow marijuana indoors. As they say at the Seedsman blog: “Anyone can grow cannabis indoors”. They grow without the […]

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