How Cannabis Buds Grow: One Chapter at A Time


Your cannabis plant will have to go through several stages before you can harvest it. As a grower, you have to be aware of the buds’ demands as they form through the growth phases. It is your duty to cater to their needs and respond immediately to any given situation. To know how to react […]

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The Right Way of Trimming Cannabis Buds (Wet Method)


Today, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to trim using the wet method. This technique is easier as the leaves are sticking out, making them quicker to notice and prune, compared to when you use the dry method. It nearly always leads to a quicker drying process as well since the extra plant […]

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How To Cool Your Grow Tent If It’s Too Hot


Excessive heat can kill your cannabis plants, especially during the flowering phase. This is the reason why we’ll discuss 10 different ways on how to cool down your grow tent. Environment Hacks Low in Number Your grow tent might be hot because it’s handling more than enough crops. Too many plants can cause the temp […]

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Adjust the Humidity Level in Your Grow Tent the Proper Way


1st Step: Buy a Humidity Monitor Just like a thermometer, a humidity monitor is also a must-have which can help you check the humidity level in your grow tent. You can also purchase a combometer—a humidity and temperature checker in one instrument. 2nd Step: Know the Ideal Relative Humidity (RH) Young plants should receive 40-60% […]

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How To Set Up Your Grow Tent in 5 Steps

Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 Tent

Who said setting up a grow tent is difficult? This article will make you realize how quick and easy it is to get your tent ready for some cannabis growing. Ready or not, here we go! 1: Prepare the location Clear up the area where you’ll be placing your grow tent permanently. Measure correctly to […]

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Best Bud Trimmer Machines 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

bud trimmer

Bud trimmers are a popular tool for people who dabble in hydroponic growing, and they are used to clean buds off of many plants, especially cannabis plants. Bud trimmers make it easy to collect all of your buds in one place and ensure that they are clean cut and ready to use. What’s more, bud […]

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Best Grow Tents for the Money 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

grow tent

Grow tents are ideal for cannabis growers who are looking for a way to control the environment in which they grow their cannabis. Because cannabis can give off a strong odor when it is fully mature, having a grow tent can reduce or even eliminate that odor and make it easier for you to grow […]

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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Pothead 2020


#10: MedTainer Storage Container This airtight and watertight container made of medical grade plastic is best for road trips. It’s the 2-in-1 (grinder and holder) container any stoner will love. It can keep your high-grade cannabis perfectly—it won’t release any odor. It’s waterproof too, so you don’t have to worry when you accidentally drop it […]

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Top 5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks


I’m sure you want to get the most out of your cannabis plant. That’s why I’m also confident that you’ll get the best genetics possible when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds. One way to make sure you’re not being deceived is to check the reputation of the seed bank where you’re buying from. If […]

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5 Marijuana Stocks That Are HOT Right Now


It’s evident that the cannabis industry is taking over North America and gradually expanding its influence in other parts of the world too. Though recreational marijuana is still illegal in most parts of the planet, that didn’t stop medical cannabis from showing impressive development in the market. Because legal marijuana sales are expected to grow […]

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