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5 Best Stealth Grow Boxes in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: January 31, 2022

PollenWizard Stealth Grow Cabinet

Looking for pre-built stealth grow boxes is a task worthy of a lot of research. These growing tools are really useful not just for those who need to keep their operations on the down-low, but also for any grower that’s not wanting to turn their entire house into a cannabis grow.

However, finding the appropriate box for specific needs can get harry when reviews are all you’re going by.

We’ve gone ahead and checked out some of our favorites in an attempt to alleviate this process somewhat and tried to find the best grow box to suit any grower’s needs.

Let’s go through the best we found.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (2022)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box
  • Solidly built
  • Quality working parts
  • Includes everything needed
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Hellogrower Stealth Grow Box System Hellogrower Stealth Grow Box System
  • Really good budget choice
  • Lights are plenty for the small space
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PollenWizard ET-2XL Grow Cabinet PollenWizard ET-2XL Grow Cabinet
  • Top-quality
  • Reliable
  • Intended for constant use
  • Colorado Grow Box Stealth Hydroponic Grow box Colorado Grow Box Stealth Hydroponic Grow box
  • Powerful lights
  • Good ventilation
  • Tall box
  • Cabinet Garden Hydroponic Dirt Grow Cabinet Cabinet Garden Hydroponic Dirt Grow Cabinet
  • Quality materials
  • Lights on the sides as well as top
  • The 5 Best Stealth Grow Boxes

    1. SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box – Best Overall

    SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box

    First off is our all-around best stealth grow box. The SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 comes with a powerful, full-spectrum grow light and all fans, filters, and grow mediums needed to get growing as soon as it arrives. It’s a great choice for a grower that just wants to get going, doesn’t want to worry about shopping around for spare parts, and wants to basics set up by professionals for them.

    We had no issues with this one, at all, and it’s the go-to recommendation at this time for anyone looking to purchase a stealth box. There’s nothing really wrong with the product itself, but the instructions it comes with are pretty worthless and the DVD it uses in lieu of worthwhile instructions is a pain to deal with.

    It can be a bit of a headache to get going if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, so be prepared for that. Being said, it’s a great product and all working parts will last quite a while.

    • Solidly built
    • Quality working parts
    • Includes everything needed
    • Instructions are worthless and the DVD is annoying

    2. Hellogrower Stealth Grow Box System – Best Value

    Hellogrower Stealth Grow Box System

    The Hellogrower Stealth is the best secret deal on Amazon. We bought this one on a hunch, based on the limited description and a really good price point. This is a cabinet grow that includes a 150W LED and fans for both intake and exhaust at an amazing budget-friendly price.

    The actual build quality leaves a bit to be desired, and the fans will eventually have to be replaced, but for budget-growers, this is a great deal. One of the best stealth grow boxes for the money, for sure. We recommend Hellogrower for any grower that doesn’t mind a bit DIY to fix potential issues and improve the product, such as better fans or lights, but it will indeed get the job done as is.

    It’s fairly short as well, so stout plants are ideal with only one or two at a time.

    • Really good budget choice
    • Lights are plenty for the small space
    • Tiny
    • Needs a bit of work to ensure high-yields

    3. PollenWizard ET-2XL Grow Cabinet – Premium Choice

    PollenWizard ET-2XL Grow Cabinet

    When money is no concern, PollenWizard’s offering here is a good solution. Nothing but premium parts went into the manufacturing of this product and it shows once all the parts are up and operational.

    It’s built for continuous growth, meaning pull one out and put the next one in. This is great for anyone who is getting their feet wet in the commercial aspects of Cannabis, or anyone who wants a grow box that just won’t quit.

    With this being said, building your own cabinet with similar parts would be cheaper and the price point is pretty harsh on anyone concerned about budget. Still, it’s a nice cabinet made by people who know what they are doing and if a premium price isn’t a concern, then going for this is a great choice.

    • Top-quality
    • Reliable
    • Intended for constant use
    • Paying for the premium
    • DIY builders can get the same for cheaper

    4. Colorado Grow Box Stealth Hydroponic Grow box

    Colorado Grow Box 36600H Stealth Hydroponic Grow box

    For growers looking for a more spacious option, Colorado Grow Box has your back. A 600W grow light is included in this option, which is plenty for the space given and can lead to some pretty dense plants at the end of harvest.

    This one is built for plants that want to stretch out, and the light system they’re using reflects that with a lot of adjustability. It’s an excellent choice for tall Sativas, for a change, as some of the shorter cabinets here may run into some issues with untrained stalky plants reaching for the ceiling.

    The Colorado 36600H is a fairly limited run item, so mileage may vary on supplies, and the price, once again, can be beaten by DIY growers. It’s a great product, and if you can get your hands on one, it’s not a bad choice for stealth grows.

    • Powerful lights
    • Good ventilation
    • Tall box
    • Limited availability

    5. Cabinet Garden Hydroponic Dirt Grow Cabinet

    Cabinet Garden Hydroponic Dirt Grow Cabinet

    Another premium option here. The Cabinet Garden Hydroponic Dirt Grow Cabinet is a grow box with LEDs both on top and the sides of the grow box, making sure the entire plant is covered by that good growing luminescence. It has carbon filtration for the exhaust and a solid intake fan to keep things cool and at the perfect humidity.

    On opening, it actually looks pretty amazing, like some kind of laser-based sarcophagus. We were very much impressed by how cool this way. However, it’s an expensive choice with flashy lights, that aren’t that powerful. It’s not ideal for flowering plants and the best possible yields.

    It’s a pretty cool grow box though and will handle a mid-sized crop just fine.

    • Quality materials
    • Lights on the sides as well as top
    • Expensive
    • The LEDs used aren’t very powerful
    • Not ideal for flowering

    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Stealth Grow Boxes

    We’re looking at quite a few things in these boxes for them to make a list. There’s a lot of working parts in a kit such as this, so we need to make sure no one is cheap on parts hoping new growers won’t catch on until it’s too late.

    We’re also looking into the sensibility; if what products are going in are even important for a grow box operation. Plenty more considerations are involved though, the practicality of using it as a stealth grow, the expense of the lights, and the general price point all need to be taken into account before deciding on one of these.

    Build Quality

    Probably the biggest concern with buying grow cabinets are manufacturers going cheap on the quality of the box and letting light leaks or air leaks become an issue. There are also potential electrical issues that can occur with hastily put together boxes that can stop parts from working or even fires can be a consequence if enough things go wrong.

    None of the products here have any of those issues, but it’s something to be on the lookout for when perusing through the litany of them on the market. It’s a major problem. We had a case with a brand, that didn’t make the list, where the hinges of one of the doors eventually failed during our opening and closing it over the course of a grow.

    Duct tape and will-power held that together till the end, but it’s a huge nightmare if it occurs. Well-made cabinets are important.


    We try to find boxes that fit a specific purpose and structure the reviews around how useful the design actually is. Obviously, they’re being used for growing, but beyond that, you need to consider what type of grow it was meant for. For instance, was it built with large grows or small grows in mind? High yields? Tall plants? Also, how long is the box supposed to last? Is it for stealth or for convenience?

    All these questions and more come up when determining the usefulness of a box and whether it’s meant for niche-appeal or more general use cases.

    When you’re determining the best box, take these thoughts into account.

    Working Parts

    Stealth grow boxes are almost always in kit form, which means you’re leaving the quality of the fans, lights, etc. up to the manufacturer to deem appropriate for the grow. In these situations, we worry about products that skimp on any of these just to sell inventory.

    Look for LEDs that are full-spectrum, as anything else will fail at one stage of growth or the other, and there to be enough power to penetrate the canopy. LEDs that have switches between bloom and vegetative are ideal, but simply full-spectrums will work fine.

    Fans are super important in an enclosed environment like this, so a box that is known for good filtered ventilation is a must.

    When airflow stops randomly due to a failing ventilation system a whole cascade of ill-effects can start occurring to your plants, so be on the lookout.

    grow tent setup

    Image Credit: cannabispromoter, Pixabay


    These are stealth grow boxes after all. Filtered ventilation is a must, considering the odor of a blooming plant is nearly impossible to miss. Powerful fans with a carbon filter in an exhaust vent are the minimum needed to at least keep this obvious giveaway from the public.

    There’s other reasons to have stealth as well, besides the legality of growing in certain places. A lot of growers are interested in this type of box just because it’s very minimal and doesn’t have much of an impact on daily life.

    The cost of using the lights are also a consideration, as a spiking electrical build can be a quick give away for a cannabis grow. Stick to low power lights such as LEDs or very low wattage HPS systems and that won’t be an issue.


    Can it be done cheaper if we just put the pieces together ourselves? Almost always the answer is yes, but at the same time labor is valuable and you might not have the time or expertise.

    With grow boxes we try to figure out if the upcharge is worth it for having everything picked out and put together for us ahead of time.

    In a lot of cases, once the prices are broken down on most of the better products, the actual price between the individual parts and the cabinet as a whole don’t actually differ too much. That’s always a big plus for us. This will vary depending on the grower but in this list, we looked for items that made sense when it came to the pricing considering these factors.


    For the vast majority of growers, going with the SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box is a great choice. You’re getting a quality-built product, that is backed by the company putting it all together, and everything needed to grow Cannabis.

    However, for those who want to put a bit of extra work in, the Hellogrower Stealth Grow Box System is an awesome and respectable choice. Watch out for the heights of the plant if choosing this one, as it is a bit short, but the price is hard to beat.

    Other options on the list are still valid though, the PollenWizard ET-2XL Grow Cabinet if you have the capital for it produced one of the best grows we’ve ever seen in a stealth box. The extra lighting really helps out.

    We think this should help pick apart the best that the stealth grow box market has to offer, it gets confusing out there with a lot of products claiming for the top rung. These are, without a doubt, solid choices for most growers.