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7 Best Small LED Grow Lights of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: April 28, 2022

ACKE LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum

A micro grow is a great way to get into the world of indoor cannabis growing. Focusing your efforts into the care of one or two really well taken care of plants, like a sort of cannabis bonsai tree, can help build skills for larger grows while being a very satisfying and relaxing experience. It’s also a smart way to keep the budget low if you don’t wish to invest a huge amount of money into a hobby that’s about having fun.

Small LED grow lights are the ideal choice for this situation, as they don’t cost a whole lot, are light on the power bill, and don’t create a huge amount of heat that needs to be vented out constantly. Furthermore, small LEDs are a great option for germination stations, wherein delicate seedlings can thrive without the fear of harming them with powerful lighting systems.

We’ve done a few reviews on these products, and have chosen the best we’ve seen to go over below.

A Quick Glance of Our Favorites (2022)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Root Farm All-Purpose LED Grow Light Root Farm All-Purpose LED Grow Light
  • High-quality full-spectrum diodes
  • Strong enough for micro grows
  • Reliable
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Shengsite Led Grow Light Shengsite Led Grow Light
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Budget price
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    G8LED Booster LED Grow Light G8LED Booster LED Grow Light
  • Explosive growth during flowering
  • Low power and low heat
  • Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb Kit Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb Kit
  • Flexible
  • Full-spectrum
  • ACKE LED Standing Grow Light ACKE LED Standing Grow Light
  • Very sturdy, adjustable stand
  • Full-spectrum and bright lamp
  • The 7 Best Small LED Grow Lights

    1. Root Farm All-Purpose LED Grow Light – Best Overall

    Root Farm

    A reliable and simple small LED system ideal for nurturing seedlings, while also having enough light to bloom a plant. Root Farm’s LED system is underrated for micro grows, as it’s marketed more for herb gardens. However, the 45W LED panel is quite powerful and handles a single larger plant just fine, as long as you have the overhead space to hang the lamp properly.

    The basic stand works well for seedlings, but cannabis plants quickly outgrow its height. The light needs to be hung just overhead and adjusted throughout the grow. This is the biggest issue with this system. The lamp itself is great, but the stand and hangar included are pretty mediocre, and sometimes, just get in the way.

    However, when just considering the lamp, it’s quite reliable and powerful for the power draw. It won’t be enough for massive growth, but getting a single good quality plant is entirely possible with this rig.

    To conclude, we think these are the best small LED grow lights.

    • High-quality full-spectrum diodes
    • Strong enough for micro grows
    • Reliable
    • Stand and hangar are low quality

    2. Shengsite Led Grow Light– Best Value


    Long-lasting and surprisingly bright, this Shengsite grow light offers a lot for a great price. However, it lacks spectrum coverage and is less than ideal for flowering plants.

    It’s a small-scale, only 75W, version of the popular UFO-type LED which hovers just above plants throughout their growth cycle. The spectrum it uses works well for vegetatives and seedlings but lacks a bit of the red-light oomph needed for explosive growth during flowering.

    It still works for a micro-grow of a single plant though, and the price is nearly impossible to beat while still getting a reliable light. Definitely the best small LED grow light for the price that we’ve been able to find.

    • Reliable
    • Long-lasting
    • Budget price
    • Not great at flowering
    • Best used with single plants

    3. G8LED Booster LED Grow Light – Premium Choice


    The G8LED Booster will take any small LED grow to the next level by supplying that all-to hard to get red spectrum lighting in huge quantities, though it’s not recommended for seedlings or vegetating plants.

    Using this alongside a vegetative light, like the aforementioned Shengsite LED, is a sure-fire way to get truly impressive results from a small space. The caveat being, the price of a powerful red spectrum LED is fairly expensive when compared to other options. Though, it still doesn’t create much heat or electrical drain for the amount of growth it accomplishes.

    Being said, the additional growth is absolutely worth the investment and can turn a healthy plant into a magnificent specimen towards the end of its growth.

    However, ⅔’s of the plant’s growth requires other spectrums of light so it’s a bit more niche than our previous entries.

    • Explosive growth during flowering
    • Low power and low heat
    • The red spectrum is sub-par for seedlings and vegetating plants

    4. Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb Kit


    A reliable, flexible LED bulb that works great for small grows or as supplementary lighting, but misleads a bit in its advertising.

    Haus Bright claims this bulb is the equivalent of a 100W HPS bulb while only draining 20W. This is untrue. It’s closer to about 50W.

    This alone puts it lower on this list, we don’t really enjoy that sort of misinformation.

    Yet, it’s still a solid LED that has great flexibility, able to fit anywhere around a growing plant to help light penetration in hard to reach areas.

    It can also function fairly well as the main grow light for a small grow, as it is a full-spectrum lamp.

    • Flexible
    • Full-spectrum
    • Advertises as 100w equivalent, but is about half that

    5. ACKE LED Standing Grow Light

    ACKE LED Standing

    An interesting design that packs the power needed to grow a single plant, but bulky if the space isn’t right for the stand. The ACKE is probably not ideal for stealth grows, as the stand isn’t really meant for closets or anywhere with limited floor space.

    However, it is well-built and gives some interesting space options for those looking for grows in non-traditional or elevated spaces. The stand feels very sturdy and can be adjusted to the exact needs of wherever your plant is in its growth.

    The actual lamp is fairly powerful as well and offers the full-spectrum needed for a decent grow all the way into blooming, while still maintaining a low electrical cost and heat impact.

    • Very sturdy, adjustable stand
    • Full-spectrum and bright lamp
    • Awkward design for small spaces

    6. ACKE LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum


    ACKE LED full spectrum product is great for seedlings or as a supplemental lighting system to a more powerful rig, but lacks the light penetration and brightness for full growth. It’s one of the smallest LED grow lights we’ve found that also emits the full-spectrum needed for growing.

    We like using these for getting some extra light underneath the canopy or for small seedling setups, but it’s not going to get you where you want to go as far as sizable cannabis grows on its own. It can definitely be part of a larger set up, though, as it’s a long-lasting light that really doesn’t add much to the overall power bill or heat being generated.

    • Long-lasting
    • Low heat and energy impact
    • Quite weak
    • Suitable only for seedlings on its own

    7. GrowLED TKLFMGGRO14S Plant Grow Light


    A sleek and modern set-up for new growers that handles seedlings well but lacks space and power for larger plants. Using GrowLED’s plant light for seedlings is actually one of the better tools we’ve found for a simplistic seedling set up, but it lacks use for pretty much every other aspect of cannabis growing.

    The short height and narrow width of this product make it simply too small for plants once they start growing quickly during vegetation, but it handles seedlings for new growers very well.

    If you know what you’re doing, there are better seedling setups for a cheaper price. However, if you want something preset for the job, then this really isn’t the worst choice.

    Hits the bottom of this list due to its extremely niche use, but we can see it being somewhat handy to have around as a set-it-and-forget-it light for the very early stages of growth.

    • Works well for seedling
    • Much too weak for anything but seedlings
    • Not adjustable enough to use as supplementary lighting

    Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider When Buying the Best Small LED Grow Lights

    There are a number of things we look out for when purchasing small LED grow lights, some of them are pretty easy to overlook, especially for new growers. Let’s go over some of these that we watch out for, to help you understand the rankings here and what you should be aware of before purchasing.


    It’s usually best to keep cannabis plants that are just emerging into their seedling stage away from the bright lights and nutrient-rich soils that they will vegetate in. Small LED grow lights that are meant to hang closely overhead while producing very gentle heat and light are ideal for these purposes. Adding one to a grow op will greatly increase the number of usable seedlings each time you start a new crop.

    However, if you’re only growing one or two plants anyways it may not be a worthwhile space, time, and monetary investment to create the perfect environment for each individual seed. Weigh the price and effort investment against the size of the grow you’re looking to accomplish. It’s well worth it for large grows where each individual seed matter, but when you have a glut of them a simpler set up might be better.


    These small LED grow lights are also pretty great at both providing enough light, as long as they are full-spectrum, and bringing a decent amount of supplemental light for bigger systems to be able to create some fairly impressive results during the vegetative state of cannabis.

    If using them alone, aim for something that hangs overhead well and don’t overload the room they’re growing in with multiple plants. Stick to one or two that you can take care of very well, and the light should be plenty.


    This is where these small lights tend to, but not always, lack. Cannabis plants like a lot of red light when they begin blooming and small LEDs tend to lack in both of these camps.

    That being said, they will provide enough to allow for some amount of flowering. Just don’t get your hopes up for massive buds without an additional, powerful red-light source.

    There are some small LEDs, even on this list, of note that handle this aspect of cannabis just fine. So, if it’s a concern for you make sure to add this additional lighting to your list.

    The good news is it won’t be an issue until the end of their cycle, so there is time to prepare.

    Light Spectrums

    Full-spectrum lighting works by combining a number of blue lights, white lights, and red lights together to create a combination of colors that somewhat mimics what plants need in nature.

    However, a lot of LEDs tend to skew towards the blue spectrum due to that being better for most stages of plant growth. The problem is, cannabis plants love red light when it comes time to flower. Full-spectrum lighting does still work for things like flowering, but the best growth is achieved with more red light than most LEDs provide.

    Make sure to find a way to bring in additional red lighting for blooming plants if getting the largest buds is a concern of yours.


    Small LED grow lights are a great way to get into cannabis growing, or just to bolster a current grow.

    For those looking to use one as their main light, then the Root Farm All-Purpose LED Grow Light is a great pick. It provides plenty of light for one or two well-maintained plants, at the full-spectrum needed to grow, and the price isn’t too bad either.

    For supplementary lighting for flowering, we like to recommend the G8LED Booster LED Grow Light. It’s a bit more expensive, but the results are absolutely great in a small area. One of the best investments to a grow to ensure large buds come harvest.

    We hope these reviews helped a bit navigate through the sometimes-confusing realm of small LED grow lights. There’s a lot of cool tech out there, and it can seem a bit overwhelming to make the right choice. A bit of advice and some reading goes a long way to alleviating this confusion.