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Best Grow Tents for the Money 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

Last updated: April 14, 2021

a grow tentPicking out a grow tent is a great way to save on space and power for just about any size growing operation. It gets tricky purchasing one of these, though, due to the simple fact that there is a boat-load of inferior products on the market.

Dealing with things like light and air leaks can be disastrous for a lot of grows, as the enclosed environment within a grow box is meant to keep things nice and consistent for the plants. Luckily, we have had quite a bit of experience with these, as we like to test new products in grow-tents, and have decided to put out some of our reviews of the ones we have liked the most.

This isn’t an end-all-be-all list, but it’s intended to help make purchasing one of these boxes more manageable.

A Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
  • Great price
  • Good quality build
  • Never leaks light
  • Best Value
    Second place
    CoolGrows Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent CoolGrows Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent
  • Nice price
  • Passable build quality
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line
  • Large, well-built tent
  • No light-leaks
  • Adjustable height
  • Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent
  • Good price
  • Doesn’t leak light
  • OPULENT SYSTEMS Water-Resister Grow Tent OPULENT SYSTEMS Water-Resister Grow Tent
  • Good price
  • Sturdy tent
  • The 10 Best Grow Tents of 2021

    1. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – Best Overall


    VIVOSUN tops our list due to a couple of factors: build quality and price point. This product’s claim to fame (and one many others should guarantee) is the fact that it never leaks light. It’s a very sturdy product that comes with quality mylar innards and a thick canvas outside. It’s the go-to for those that want a no-frills grow tent that is going to last for small to medium grows.

    The only issue is the VIVOSUN doesn’t come in massive sizes. Their largest size is a 60″x60″x80″, which is big enough for most amateurs but doesn’t do it if you’re looking for a large grow tent.

    It’s the ideal tent for the vast majority of people, but those aiming for a large growth should look elsewhere.

    • Great price
    • Good quality build
    • Never leaks light
    • Size options are limited mostly to medium and small grows

    2. CoolGrows Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent – Best Value

    CoolGrows GT Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

    A great priced tent for medium grows that feels sturdy, aside from potential pinhole light leaks. CoolGrows makes the list for the fact that this one of the best grow tents for the money we’ve found for a 48”x60” that still has passable build quality.

    We were disappointed to find a pinhole light leak after our set up, but it’s not a dealbreaker. If budget is a concern, this might be the right concession to take versus something like a cheap fan, which could be disastrous. Also, the zipper tends to get caught after a lot of use. We haven’t had it get stuck yet, but there’s a bit of wear happening on it.

    Being said, the CoolGrows GT will last quite a few grows and the price is absurdly good for the size and build of the tent.

    • Nice price
    • Passable build quality
    • Pinhole light leak
    • Zipper can get stuck

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    3. Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line – Premium Choice

    Gorilla LTGGT48

    Gorilla means spacious tents, quality builds, large grows, but a hefty price. Once purchasing a LTGGT48, we didn’t want to use anything else. However, the price point puts it out of most amateur grower’s price range.

    We had zero issues with light leaks and this thing feels sturdy enough to take camping. The zipper works pretty well, it does get a bit difficult sometimes but that’s after a lot of use and it hasn’t gotten fully stuck yet.

    Another nice thing is the adjustability of the height. The poles extend and shrink down depending on what kind of space is needed, and the way the tent is built accommodates for that change nicely.

    You can fit a lot of plants in this tent, and it holds the environment very nicely. Gorilla is a famous brand, for good reason. This is a very nice product for large grows.

    • Large, well-built tent
    • No light-leaks
    • Adjustable height
    • Expensive
    • The zipper is a bit iffy

    4. Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent

    Apollo Horticulture GT48X48X80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

    Pretty similar offerings and price point as CoolGrows’ offering, but narrower at 48”x24x60”. It’s still a nice tent, and for a grower that is space deprived, they might find this option more appealing. The build quality is passable, with no light leaks that we could find, though the zipper tends to get stuck on this one. What’s up with that? They should put better zippers on these things.

    The inside is very reflective of good quality mylar. We don’t see this tent giving out any time soon, but the size of it makes it appealing only for small grows.

    • Good price
    • Doesn’t leak light
    • Narrow
    • The zipper gets stuck

    5. OPULENT SYSTEMS Water-Resister Grow Tent


    A good, sizeable grow tent for a medium grow would be the go-to recommendation if it wasn’t for VIVOSUN’s offering. The price of the two products are very similar and this one only loses out due to a small amount of light leak that seems to consistently come out from around the door.

    For most growers, this won’t bother them in the slightest, however, when compared side-by-side this one loses out slightly due to that fact. Otherwise, it’s a sturdy tent with a zipper that isn’t getting stuck all the time, for once, that seems like it would be a mainstay for most medium grows.

    • Good price
    • Sturdy tent
    • Light leaks around door

    6. iPower Mylar Hydroponic Tent

    iPower GLTENTS1

    A nice quality product that does what it is intended for but with a size that’s a bit snug for the price. It’s worth noting that this is an exceptionally tall box, at 72”, that makes up for that extra height by losing width, only 36”, compared to other options in the price point.

    An argument could be made that this is better for certain strains of Sativa, but we’re looking at the best grow boxes for general use and we have a hard time recommending a niche product at the top of the list.

    With all that said, the GLTENTS1 has the option of bundling some iPower ventilation fans alongside the grow tent, which can be a pretty good deal for budget growers.

    • Tall
    • Durable build quality
    • Optional ventilation as a bundle
    • Narrow compared to other boxes of the same price

    7. TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

    TopoGrow 2-in-1

    TopoGrow’s 2-in-1 allows growers to manage both a nursery and growing plants within the same tent but might be a bit much for a standard grow. This is a great product, considering all that is included if a nursery sounds like something that will be useful to you.

    Otherwise, it’s a fairly narrow grow tent at an above-average price point. Though the build quality is nice and we didn’t notice any light leaks to speak of.

    It’s another niche product that has its use for a decent number of growers but doesn’t make the top of the list simply due to the nursery being a fun tool that’s unnecessary for a lot of people.

    • No light leaks
    • Sturdy construction
    • Includes nursery
    • Narrow
    • A bit expensive if the nursery goes unused

    8. GreenHouser High Reflective Grow Tent

    GreenHouser High Reflective Grow Tent

    A tall and wide tent with some very reflective mylar that does the job, as long as you’re careful handling it. The canvas used to construct the Greenhouser is fairly flimsy for the price, especially around the window panels. Take care if using this not to rip any of the fabric here.

    Otherwise, it’s a good price for the size of the tent as long as you can deal with the thin canvas used in construction.

    • Tall and wide
    • Highly reflective
    • Thin canvas can tear easily with mishandling

    9. Hydroplanet Canvas Grow Tent

    Hydroplanet Canvas

    Hydroplanet Canvas Grow Tent is a very sturdy tent, with extra thick canvas, that for some reason has the worst zipper of the lot. The way this thing opens is a nightmare, and the zipper leaks light. It is sturdy, but it doesn’t seem like it was quality controlled during the design stage.

    Not really recommended, but it will do the job if you don’t mind being very frustrated with one of the worst zippers on the market.

    It’s very strange how such a small part of a product can ruin the whole thing, but it’s as if the door to your house inexplicably decided to only work if you opened it with the exact right pressure. It does seem to be made of pretty excellent material aside from the zipper at least.

    • Sturdy canvas
    • Feels like it will last
    • The zipper is an absolute nightmare
    • Leaks light around the zipper

    10. LAGarden Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent

    LAGarden Hydroponics

    What it has going for it in both size and price, the LAGarden Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent loses in light leaks, canvas quality, and a poorly made zipper. When everything is going right with this tent, it’s a quite sizable growing area for the price.

    However, there are fairly noticeable light leaks around the zipper, which gets stuck constantly and feels like it will break after a few months of use, and the canvas they used to build this thing requires a gentle touch.

    The price is hard to argue with, and if you’re very gentle with this while somehow managing the zipper, then it’s a great sized tent for the money.

    • Good price for the size
    • Light leaks
    • Thin canvas
    • Terrible zipper

    Buyer’s Guide

    We can look at grow tents in a couple of different ways, and there’s a balance to be found between the money being put into it and what is needed. When searching for these we like to consider a few different factors, and figure out which are going to be important during the growth.

    Things like the quality of the fabric and other working parts are big, but so are the size to price ratio and the reflectivity of the mylar being used. Light leaks are common when on a budget, but small ones can generally be dealt with whereas stitching failures can be a disaster.

    Let’s take a look at all of this in detail:

    Build Quality

    There are some basic price points that certain size grow tents tend to fall under, but there are exceptions to this when considering a budget option.

    Larger tents that are a decent amount below the normal price point of similar-sized tents tend to skimp a bit in one way or another on the build quality. This can be a simple thing that is worth it to fix, like pinhole leaks that can be patched but can be more upsetting issues like thin cloth that tears if you aren’t careful with it. Compound some poor-quality zippers onto a tent with thin canvas, and then you have yourself the makings for a very big rip in the future.

    Watch out for issues like this when purchasing a grow tent, and find out if the headache of poor building material is worth saving money on a sizable tent. Smaller grow tents that are of higher quality can still produce a very productive harvest, especially when the plants are trained properly.

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    There are a few different types of light leaks that can happen in a tent, either after a lot of use or through a manufacturing defect.

    Pinhole leaks are small gaps in the stitching that occur naturally over time on a lot of tents. It’s from the stitching wearing out, though certain manufacturers find ways of alleviating this, eliminating it is nearly impossible.

    Generally, only a small amount of light comes out of these and keeps the environment mostly intact. Tents that are very prone to this can be a headache, but for the most part if one or two pop up as the tent settles it’s not the worst thing in the world.

    Grow Tent

    Image Credit By: D-Kuru, Wikimedia Commons

    Another type of leak comes from poor quality fabric tearing. These can be a huge problem and can compromise the environment in the tent pretty quickly. They need to be patched immediately and great care should be given to that area of the tent for the rest of the grow.

    The last common type of leak is issues around the zipper. Cheap zipper tracks tend to leak light like crazy, and there’s not much to be done. Grow tents with cheap zippers can sometimes be worth it because it’s not much worse than a pinhole leak, but they are best to be avoided.


    Good, thick canvas with last and last. Tears rarely happen, and only after years of heavy use. Thin canvas, on the other hand, can sometimes feel like little more than paper. Grow tents that use thin canvas are best avoided for this reason, unless you are sure you can avoid tearing it during a grow.

    The extra price is well worth avoiding the nightmare of patching a massive leak in the middle of a grow.


    Typically, we recommend mid-sized grow tents to people looking to start one of these grows. It’s easier to manage and the amount on the market means the quality tends to be higher.

    VIVOSUN’s Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent hit the top of this list for that reason. It’s waterproof, obviously due to it being built for hydroponics, but the canvas is also sturdy and it doesn’t leak like. Due to its medium size, it also stays fairly low as far as the price goes.

    For growers who want to take it to the next level and start a very large grow tent operation, then the  Gorilla LTGGT48 Grow Tent Lite Line seems to be the way to go. It’s a known brand that doesn’t skimp on building materials to keep the price down and will last quite a way into the future.

    Hopefully, this helped you navigate through the confusing options and reviews out there for grow tents on the net. It’s a bit of a different type of knowledge than other growing materials, and it’s easy to overlook as an important piece of the whole puzzle.