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Best Grow Tent Kits 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: March 27, 2020

Grow Tent

Getting into the world of cannabis growing is a big step. It requires a pretty decent financial investment that gets compounded by a pretty big learning curve when trying to figure out what products to go for and what to avoid.

Making the wrong choice furthers that financial investments and leads to frustration. Less obvious problems are things like the height of the tent. One that may be good for a wide and low Indica may have a huge issue once a Sativa is introduced and starts reaching upwards.

Ending up with a crop struggling for light during its final stages because of a quirk of the product being used is not a lot of fun. Throwing more time researching at the situation is definitely advised, but it only helps so much when there are a million people on Amazon that have no idea what they are talking about.

So, through a bit of life experience and comparative shopping, we have compiled some of our reviews on the best grow tent kits available at the moment.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPricePowerEditor's Rating
BloomGrow Full Spectrum
BloomGrow Grow Tent
(Best Overall)

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TopoGrow LED
TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete
(Best Value)

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The Bud Grower Indoor
The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit
(Premium Choice)

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TopoLite Complete
TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

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800W & more
HTGSupply 4x4
HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit

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The 5 Best Grow Tent Kits – Reviews 2021

1. BloomGrow Grow Tent – Best Overall

BloomGrow Grow Tent

BloomGrow has a solid online reputation. They offer a wide range of solid products, even if they are entry-level. The grow tent they have put together here is very well thought out. It’s a 4’ tall tent with mylar innards that comes with a 300w LED, which is more than enough for a grow of this size, as well as an inline fan that includes a filter and ductwork.

This alone makes it a reasonable purchase, but what stands out is the effort of including important tools such as a hygrometer, sheers, hangers and, most importantly, a timer. For the price point, it’s very difficult to get this much useful equipment while having a decent full-spectrum LED included.

Being said, this is entry-level equipment. After multiple grows, wear and tear on some of these products will probably cause the owner to have to replace them. The hygrometer, specifically, is not the most reliable thing in the world, and one should be somewhat wary about trusting it blindly.

It also could use a bit more height, though it’s sufficient enough. Just don’t let the plants grow too tall. Something stubby like an Indica is best in here; a Sativa may need some trimming. Overall, a well laid out product that comes with a lot of nice equipment for first-time growers.

  • Quality full-spectrum light
  • Nice filtered fan
  • A lot of accessories
  • Fairly short in height
  • Unreliable hygrometer

2. TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete – Best Value

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete

It’s hard to find a sizeable grow tent at this price. Most budget kits sit around 4’ tall, which is fine in most scenarios, but having the extra space really helps with large yields and stalky plants.

TopoGrow’s kit comes with a pretty standard full-spectrum 300w LED and a 4” inline fan w/ filter. What is cool about this product is the size of the tent itself. It stands just over 5’ tall (63”), comparable to the height of a refrigerator, and 2’x2’ wide. This gives a lot more room for growth without having to ensure the plants stay as low as possible.

Price-wise this is also the budget option the list, but the only reason it isn’t the best value is that there’s not much else included. For a grower that doesn’t mind sourcing their own accessories and is looking for a good deal on a larger grow tent light and fan combo, this one is our best grow tent kit for the money.

  • Tall
  • Full-spectrum LED w/ a filtered fan
  • Priced very nicely
  • Not much else included

3. The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit – Premium Choice

The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit

This is what to go for when the price isn’t the main concern. Everything included, all the way down to the soil, and chosen by people that actually know about growing cannabis.

Instead of an LED, this kit includes a 150w HPS light, which actually can get somewhat warm in a small space. Some precautions should be taken, but once the plants hit their flowering stage, they will very much appreciate the power of an HPS.

The nutrients are Fox Farm, which is one of the most recommended products on the market. There are some really stellar results from users, so it’s nice to see it showing up in a kit for beginners.

The tent itself has a spacious roof, but not quite as tall, and not enough width for a few plants to spread out nicely. The kit includes a few bells and whistles: timer, hygrometer, and even a power strip are all included. For the price, it might be possible to do better through some savvy deals from multiple retailers, but for the lack of hassle, it’s hard to beat.

  • Everything included
  • HPS light great for flowering
  • Fox Farm nutrients
  • Spacious height
  • Fairly expensive
  • HPS lights can get warm

4. TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

This doesn’t really offer anything that the first TopoLite product on the list does not, but it is a bit cheaper. The tradeoff is that this product is only 4’ tall.

It’s still an excellent kit with the same nice full-spectrum LED and filter fan kit, but the appeal is a bit lowered without that awesome height advantage. The price is low and some growers may be looking for a more compact option. Here it is.

A compact grow is a pretty common need, so we’re including this here as a separate option just because of that. In a bottle, choose the taller kit, but when space is an issue this is not a bad choice.

  • Awesome compact budget built
  • Very similar to the other TopoLite Kit
  • Only 4’ tall
  • Does not include much

5. HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit

HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit

Ten years ago, this was every new grower’s dream kit. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to source this kind of hydroponic gear, but it’s still really nice to see a properly set-up kit including a bucket system like this.

That’s what stands out on this product and why it makes the list. Hydroponic bucket rigs are an amazing new grower tool, and not having to DIY them and just being able to get them alongside everything else is really cool. This set up includes a 400w HPS grow light, which might be a bit warm in an enclosed setup, so keep an eye on that during heavy use.

The tent is also the tallest one on the list, just over 6’ tall, and widest at 3’x3’. It can fit quite a few large plants, which will be needed considering hydroponically grown plants with an HPS light tend to grow fairly quickly.

The reason this makes the bottom of the list is mostly due to the construction of the tent. There can be some issues with light leaks that need to be tested and rectified ASAP. While we like the hydroponic rig they are using, it’s a bit off for a premium product to have light leak issues.

Still, the HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit is a great way to get into hydroponics.

  • Hydroponics!
  • Powerful 400w light
  • Tall and wide tent
  • Fairly expensive
  • Light leaks are common

Buyer’s Guide

The things we’re looking out for when compiling kits tend to come down to a few factors. Namely, lights, circulation, and construction.


LED’s excel in grow tents partly because of the heat factor, but also because a lot of the times when a grow tent is needed tends to be because of a budgetary or just not wanting it to be super obvious a Cannabis grow is happening.

Thus, we try to limit options with HPS lights to more expensive models of kits where budget may be less of a concern. They drain a lot of power and create a fair amount of heat, but are quite effective.


Next, the circulation system and the effectiveness of the fans. Filtration is a big priority as well, and a small fan not built for this kind of work won’t be able to effectively push through the medium. All the ones we chose have been shown to handle at least a grow or two without slowing down.


Finally, the construction of the tent matters a whole lot. We look at tents that have reinforced corners, properly sized intake and exhaust vents, and enough space for at least three to four plants to fit comfortably with plenty of room to stretch.

Height isn’t always a priority past a certain point, but it does matter for certain plants. For most of a grower’s needs, 4’ of headspace is plenty.

All things considered

A good product fits all these criteria, with exceptions to the rule considering the needs of different growers. Everything else a kit offers is just gravy, but luckily there are a few options to choose from that come loaded with them. However, choosing a kit just because it does all the shopping for us isn’t a priority when it comes to analyzing the best grow tent kits.

Once all that is considered, it just comes down to looking at the best price that checks off as much of that list as possible.


Based on the above reviews, the best value was definitely in the TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete. That’s the second one on the list, by the way. The construction quality was where it needed to be, with plenty of overhead space. The ventilation kit they use is pretty standard, but it works consistently and well so there’s no complaints there.

The interesting thing with the way the added height worked out was that the canopy doesn’t have to be kept so dense and low, which allows the 300w LED to penetrate deeper into the plant a lot better.

It’s a great tent and we definitely recommended it to growers who can handle buying their own timers, meters, sheers, and growing medium.

We are, however, a sucker for hydroponics so we’ll be giving an honorary mention to the HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit just because a bucket rig in a kit is a very fun project and they’re very high quality. If only they included a slightly more structurally sound grow tent.

Thanks for reading and we hope this at least helped to narrow down what to look out for. There’s a lot of products on the market, and finding the best can be a harrowing ordeal.

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