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Best Grow Light Reflector Hoods 2021 – Reviews and Top Picks

Last updated: April 14, 2021


VIVOSUNGetting the most out of a lighting system isn’t just about finding the best light for the money. Yes, it’s important, but making sure the light spread is hitting the plants right and prevention of overheating are equally important.

To that end, a good reflector hood is a major part of a grower’s repertoire. Just sticking up lights without a proper one of these is akin to putting a low power heater above the plant and asking it to grow. It’s not going to work. It doesn’t need to be a huge financial investment, though, as cannabis culture is growing there’s a lot of solid products on the market covering a range of needs.

Reviews are a good judge of the quality of the product, but we’re going to look into some of the finer details to find the hoods for just about any potential grower’s set up. Let’s get to it:

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Power Tube Hydroponic Reflector Hood Power Tube Hydroponic Reflector Hood
  • Air cooling ready
  • Ceramic socket for high temperatures
  • Solid manufacturing
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Hydro Crunch Grow Light Reflector Hood Hydro Crunch Grow Light Reflector Hood
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well-constructed
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Giantex Air Cooled Hood Reflector Giantex Air Cooled Hood Reflector
  • Glass diffuses the light nicely
  • Handles 1000W bulbs if cooled properly
  • Air-cooling ready
  • Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector
  • Works just fine for lower power operations
  • Very inexpensive
  • TopoGrow HPS Grow Light Reflector Hood TopoGrow HPS Grow Light Reflector Hood
  • Light-diffusing on a budget
  • The 7 Best Grow Light Reflector Hoods – Reviews 2021

    1. Power Tube Hydroponic Reflector Hood – Best Overall

    iPower GLCLTB6-a Tube Hydroponic Reflector Hood

    We’re going with iPower on the number 1 slot. Why? It’s a good product that covers a range of needs and is within the price range of the average grower.

    The quality of the product was very obvious once we got our hands on it. It is solidly built, the reflectors do not disperse light all over the place, just directly at the plant, and it was compatible with our fans right out of the box.

    The length of the cord, 15 feet, was also appreciated. As well as the ceramic socket inside that can withstand solid temperatures.

    Air cooling is excellent as long as the rig can handle it, and this one most definitely can.

    The option of buying the bulb with the product at a discount is a big plus as well.

    The only real downside here is the price. It’ll cost a bit more than a basic hood without a cooling vent, but it’s not overpriced by any means.

    • Air cooling ready
    • Solid manufacturing
    • Ceramic socket for high temperatures
    • More expensive than basic models

    2. Hydro Crunch Grow Light Reflector Hood – Best Value

    Hydro Crunch D940003200 Grow Light Reflector Hood

    When looking for purely value, we wanted something that handled basic needs without needing heavy financial investment.

    Hydro Crunch provides a decent hood, at a very low price. Cooling is left on the part of the grower, which is why it’s not the best overall, but if that isn’t a concern then it’s really hard to beat this one.

    This does its job dispersing light directly onto the plant and will last a very long time if properly care for.

    We do not recommend a full 1000W bulb to be attached to this, even though it is rated for it, due to the lack of cooling. This product can get very hot without precautions, so it’s better left used for lower power growth.

    Being said, it’s a nice product that covers very base needs for an unbeatable price, making it the best grow light reflector hood for the money.

    • Budget-friendly
    • Well-constructed
    • Prone to overheating with high-power bulbs

    3. Giantex Air Cooled Hood Reflector – Premium Choice

    Giantex GT2755 Air Cooled Hood Reflector

    It was a close race between Giantex and iPower for the best overall slot. Giantex ended up number three mostly due to it needing cooling versus having the option of cooling, like the iPower.

    Here’s another well-built product that includes everything needed to air-cool a reflector hood, as well as a tempered glass panel that diffuses light very nicely.

    Problems, however, can arise with that tempered glass if things are not properly cooled. Even a lower power bulb will tend to overheat when encased like this.

    If air-cooling will be used, this is a great product. It’s fully ready for a fan to be installed and runs like a champ when set up properly.

    • Glass diffuses the light nicely
    • Air-cooling ready
    • Handles 1000W bulbs if cooled properly
    • Will overheat without cooling

    4. Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector

    Apollo Horticulture GLRGW19 Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector

    These are the least expensive hoods on the market and are an alright choice for a new set up, but they don’t make the best value for a couple of reasons.

    The biggest of these is that they don’t seem ready to handle the amount of wattage they claim. For lower-powered setups, it should be fine, but when we plugged a big bulb into them, they didn’t fire up in a way we felt comfortable.

    Being said, for those who aren’t trying to plug 1000W bulbs into the thing it should be fine. It does the job, for sure.

    It’s a solid choice for low power, smaller setups. Also, did we mention cheap?

    • Works just fine for lower power operations
    • Very inexpensive
    • Not suited for 1000W bulbs

    5. TopoGrow HPS Grow Light Reflector Hood

    TopoGrow HPS Grow Light Reflector Hood

    An enclosed hood without air-cooling. As mentioned before, we’re not the biggest fan of this idea. Being said, low power bulbs do better here than expected and the price is pretty great for what is included.

    The glass diffuses light very well, though the reflector is a bit on the thin side. Store it with care, it doesn’t take well to being banged around.

    Put this on a small grow and the results will not disappoint. As is, with a big bulb socketed in, overheating will be an issue. To be sure, 600W should be the limit here, we don’t condone socketing 1000W into a non-cooled lamp without some kind of external cooling.

    • Light-diffusing on a budget
    • Will get hot
    • Reflector is a bit thin

    6. GROSSYLAND Wing Reflector Fixture

    GROSSYLAND Wing Reflector Fixture

    Here we’re looking at a reflector that has the option of at least one pretty cool feature, that is the ability to swap an HPS light for an LED.

    It’s a separate purchase, but very much recommended. We’re not the biggest proponents of throwing high powered HPS lights on cheaper reflectors, as you might be able to tell from the previous reviews.

    However, a reflector that is adaptable to LED is a great idea and we applaud those who wish to go this route.

    • LED -compatible
    • Works well with low-budgets
    • Cheap hoods are not a good idea with high-powered bulbs

    7. VIVOSUN Wing Reflector Fixture

    VIVOSUN Wing Reflector Fixture

    This is the top of the line for a simple setup. The aluminum this product is constructed with is almost mirror-like in its glossiness and does an amazing job reflecting light.

    Price-wise, it’s on the higher end for basic rigs that don’t include very much, but the materials used here are second to none.

    There’s no rigging for air-cooling included, but it is an exposed fixture. This means external cooling can be used, though it may not be quite as effective as a hood that has purpose-made vents on it.

    The cord is also a bit on the short side, only 12.5 feet, for some reason. That one is a design choice we just didn’t quite understand, but for most people that won’t matter.

    The adjustability of it is a nice inclusion as well. Aiming this hood is a breeze, with options to focus on single spots or to spread it much wider depending on what is needed.

    • Easily adjustable
    • Top of the line for non-enclosed
    • Will need some way to cool it
    • Bit pricier than more basic models

    Buyer’s Guide

    When looking through the array of options presented to us for this guide, we had to consider a few things when discussing which would make the list.

    1. Safety is always a consideration. Thus, we do not recommend large bulbs in non-cooled setups; but beyond this, there needs to be a solid structure behind the electronics.
    2. A hood is going to see a lot of heat during its use, and something that’s at risk of falling right when vegetative stages reach their peak is a big no-no. So, rest assured, everything listed here meets at least that criteria.
    3. A solid option, for us, is always going to be a hood we can trust to leave on without supervision. There are lesser products out there which don’t meet that basic demand. Air-cooled lights are ideal in most scenarios, but that doesn’t mean a basic hood is bad. This is doubly true when the bulbs being used are only going to be about 600W, or especially with LEDs.


    If money allows, always go for something that makes air-cooling simple. The iPower GLCLTB6 thought this aspect out well, which is why it gets the top spot here.

    Still, with lower-powered bulbs, air-cooling is not entirely necessary, which is why we included the likes of the Hydro Crunch D940003200. Cooling is possible, yes, but not necessary and the price reflects that.

    Structure, cooling, and price are what this list comes down to, with added considerations for reflectivity like with the VIVOSUN Wing Reflector Fixture.

    We try to make sure these reviews are succinct and cover what each product gives the buyer, past the basic of what one should expect from a product.

    This should, in part, make narrowing things down a bit easier.

    Featured Image: VIVOSUN, Amazon