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4 Best Electric Weed Grinders 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: April 13, 2021

CA-OTTO - BANANA BROSA good electric weed grinder is one of those tools that may seem flashy at first, but once you’ve used one, it’s hard to go back to anything else for things like rolling or concentrate cooking.

They’re also an amazing tool for anyone suffering from joint pain or other issues that can cause difficulty with hand-grinding.

For these needs, especially in the latter case, it’s important to make sure the product you’re relying on to grind your cannabis is going to be both reliable and consistent. There are a ton of these on the market, all making claims that are hard to substantiate outside of reviews.

We’re big fans of electric grinders, so we’ve taken the time to create some breakdowns of our favorites on the market. Check them out here, and browse at your leisure!

A Quick Comparison of our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Wakit Electric Herb Grinder Wakit Electric Herb Grinder
  • Breaks fresh weed down perfectly
  • Rechargeable
  • Consistent
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Mamba Electric Herb Grinder Mamba Electric Herb Grinder
  • Quick and efficient for all types of bud
  • Budget price
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Banana Bros Electric Smart Weed Grinder Banana Bros Electric Smart Weed Grinder
  • Quickly grinds and fluffs weed
  • Perfect for cones
  • TSS 28074 Electric Tobacco Shredder TSS 28074 Electric Tobacco Shredder
  • Reliable
  • Quick
  • No battery to deal with
  • The 4 Best Electric Weed Grinders — Reviews 2021

    1. Wakit Electric Herb Grinder — Best Overall

    Wakit Electric Herb Grinder

    A simple design excellently manifested, the Wakit Electric Herb Grinder is a great choice for those looking to break up quantities of fresh weed consistently, though it tends to be a bit powerful for overly dry buds.

    This doesn’t grind so much as it knocks your cannabis buds apart. It breaks it down into small, but whole pieces without shredding them too finely. Absolutely ideal for keeping the look and taste of your cannabis through the process. Also, this is a rechargeable device. No batteries required, just plug it back in when it needs charging.

    The only issues we found were with particularly thick buds with large stems, they had to be broken up a bit to avoid jamming beforehand. Furthermore, very dry buds tended to get pulverized fairly quickly, almost powdering them.

    As long as you’re trying to break up fresh buds, this is one of our favorite products out there at the moment. Well worth the number 1 recommendation.

    • Breaks fresh weed down perfectly
    • Rechargeable
    • Consistent
    • Tends to pulverize extremely dried buds

    2. Mamba Electric Herb Grinder — Best Value

    Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

    The Mamba Electric Herb Grinder is a pretty interesting device, available at a budget price, that rips and tears through most buds with great efficiency. It suffers from some jamming issues and can make a mess without something to catch the bud from fall out.

    It’s part electric drill, part grinder, and even though it looks a bit gimmicky at first glance, there was a fair amount of thought that went into putting this together. It was a bit surprising the first few times we turned it on, just because of how fast the shredded bud came pouring out of the grinder.

    It has the capacity for a fairly large amount of plant product, but really you should just add as much as you think you’re going to be using at the moment. Using something like a jar to grind a bunch at once is definitely a possible use, though.

    Overall, this works about as well as a quality hand grinder, except much faster and easier. For that and the low price, it more than deserves this number 2 slot and is one of the best electric weed grinders for the money out there.

    • Quick and efficient for all types of bud
    • Budget price
    • Jams sometimes
    • Needs something to catch bud with

    3. Banana Bros Electric Smart Weed Grinder — Premium Choice

    Banana Bros CA-OTTO

    A high-tech solution for quickly filing cones or simply shredding cannabis with one hand that works quite well for its intended purpose, but comes with a hefty price tag and some cleaning issues.

    If you’re looking for a grinder that will very quickly pack you a world-class cone, then look no further. It’s very easy to use, requires very little effort besides picking out an appropriate amount of bud, and it does the rest by itself.

    The only issue we found was that the grinder inside it tends to gum up after repeated use and needs to be cleaned out somewhat frequently. It does disassemble somewhat, but some of the more innard parts are hard to reach.

    This on top of the pricy tag on this product means its a premium product for those who don’t mind a bit of maintenance to get a really good cone. All this said it’s still a great product for its intended purpose.

    • Quickly grinds and fluffs weed
    • Perfect for cones
    • Expensive
    • Needs to be cleaned frequently

    4. TSS 28074 Electric Tobacco Shredder

    TSS 28074

    The TSS Electric Tobacco Shredder is a budget, corded option for grinding herb that works pretty much like a coffee grinder, so it suffers from some over-grinding issues and gumming up from resin.

    What we liked about this one was its durability. It feels very sturdy and the motor seems like it will last for the foreseeable future. There are no batteries to deal with as well, so you don’t have to worry about it running low on charge, but it also lacks portability because of this.

    It really pulverizes dried out bud though, and some caution needs to be taken to avoid turning it into a powder. Using overly oily weed seems to cause a bit of resin build-up where the blades connect to the motor as well, so try to clean this with some isopropyl fairly frequently to ensure a long life.

    Other than that, it’s a great simple herb grinder that fits easily on any countertop for quick use. It does its job, but there’s nothing really special either.

    • Reliable
    • Quick
    • No battery to deal with
    • Not portable
    • Pulverizes dried weed
    • Need somewhat frequent cleaning


    Buyer’s Guide

    When choosing an electric grinder, you need to consider a few things before purchasing one. This is especially true when the need is more than convenience, but as a way to alleviate struggle due to physical limitations.

    Choosing a good grinder can really make life a lot easier, so let’s cover a couple things to watch out for:


    Many grinders work well for the first week or so, but need to be cleaned out frequently to maintain that level of functionality. This is a divisive problem that can be a non-issue for some people but leads to frustration in others.

    If you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time cleaning their devices, look for ones that don’t gum up easily. All of them need to be cleaned sometimes, but certain ones need it more often or can be complicated.

    Devices that include cleaning tools such as brushes are usually a plus, as it means the manufacturer has given some thought into this aspect.

    Ease of Use

    Specifically, we’re looking for grinding that can easily be used with only one hand and with very little effort. If this is being purchased to be used with a disability, then this is even more important.

    You’ll want a grinder that has been designed to work very simply, ideally with just loading a chamber and pressing a button. No other effort required. Having to hold onto the chamber with one hand and press a button with the other can lead to spilling issues if you are not careful.

    Type of Grind

    The best grinders work by tearing apart bud, not pulverizing them into a powder, and create a sort of fluffy texture with the finished product. This is the stuff that smokes well in cones and vapes nicely.

    Watch out for products that are prone to create powders. These can still be good for oily flowers, but more dry products can have issues here. Ripping apart and creating an airy texture is what we’re looking for, dense fine powder-like consistencies can lead to problems.


    Choosing the best grinder can require a bit of trial and error depending on personal preference, but a bit of knowledge beforehand can go a long way in helping reduce the need for experimentation.

    The best general use grinder we found was the Wakit Electric Herb Grinder. It handled a fair amount of material, and as long as it wasn’t bone-dry the resulting product was very nice and of our preferred texture.

    Price-wise it wasn’t too bad either, but if you’re looking to spend less on a grinder then the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder works very well for the price. It’s meant to be used one-hand and can be a bit troublesome to clean, but as long as you have a jar or a large bowl to catch the ground herb then it really does work quite well.

    There’s a lot of different grinders on the market, not all are great, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between a good purchase and a misleading advertisement. Reviews go a long way, but a bit of a break down on the products is sometimes needed to help make a choice.

    Hopefully, this helps you out through the wide-range of electric weed grinder on the market.

    Featured Image Credit: BANANA BROS, Amazon