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Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room & Grow Tents 2021 — Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: March 28, 2020

Best Carbon FilterIf you are new to growing cannabis, you are probably excited to get started. You have your tent or room all set up, your plants are ready, you feel good to go — until you realize … it smells.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix that. Carbon filters are wonderful for making sure grow areas aren’t blatantly obvious and/or stinking up the place. These filters also help regulate certain chemicals and contaminants that might be trying to ruin your cannabis growing experience. In these reviews, we’ll go over our favorite carbon filters and even drop a bit of knowledge for purchasing one. With that, let’s go to the reviews!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceSizes AvailableEditor's Rating
small iPower
(Best Overall)

Check Price
4" x 12"4.80/5
small CoolGrows
(Best Value)

Check Price
4" x 12"
6" x 16"
small TerraBloom
(Premium Choice)

Check Price
4" x 12"
4" x 16"
6" x 16"

Check Price
6" x 18"4.30/5
small Amagabeli

Check Price
4" x 12"
6" x 16"

The 8 Best Carbon Filters for Grow Room & Grow Tents

1. iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter — Best Overall

iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

iPower has made a filter that is not only effective but also has a cool design. This filter works wonderfully for masking even the most serious of odors and can do it in multiple ways. While it works hard to mask odors, it can also update itself!

This filter comes with a reversible flange that allows you to interchange it with the bottom part of the filter when needed, which shouldn’t be all that often. The pre-filters also last an impressive amount of time, sometimes for up to six months.

As mentioned, this can eliminate the odor of your grow tent or grow room in two different ways. You can place the filter in the room itself and have all the smell sucked out and shot outdoors (assuming your vent goes outdoors), or you can have the filter situated outside of the tent (for indoor operations), and the vent will pull the aroma out into the filter, never to be smelled again.

This product is made with RC412 activated carbon, which is one of the most absorbent carbons found anywhere. This product is about 1 foot long and 4 inches wide around. The flange is almost 8 inches, but still, this is not a large filter. Even in tight spaces, you should be able to find a way to get this filter in there.

Most who have this vent rave about it, but some have issues with the sizing. Others think that it can’t possibly be effective, considering its size, but we have found that it really is!

  • RC412 carbon
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors
  • Comes with pre-filters
  • Reversible flange
  • Sizing issues
  • Doesn’t look effective

2. CoolGrows Air Carbon Filter — Best Value

CoolGrows Air Carbon Filter

This filter can also be used as an exhaust filter or an intake filter. In fact, the makeup and design of this filter are similar to our top pick!

CoolGrowsis a company with a good reputation among growers, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint with this product. This filter includes a reversible flange, which extends the life of the product. This also comes with your first set of pre-filters, but those will need to be changed. They are made with Australian Virgin charcoal. You can either place this unit outside of your grow area and have it act as an exhaust filter, or place inside and use it as an intake. Either way, the result is the same: Your whole house won’t stink.

This product was built to be a high-efficiency tool. The carbon inside allows for a 99.8% air flow. As for sizing, you can either get this product in 4 inches in diameter or 6 inches in diameter.

According to those who have used this filter with their own operation, it’s a good one! Many are surprised by just how effective this filter is. This filter does not completely eliminate the odor of growing cannabis, but for the price range, it does a mighty fine job. You can see why we think that this is the best carbon filter for grow rooms and grow tents for the money.

This product has a one-year warranty.

  • 8% airflow
  • Made with Australia Virgin Charcoal
  • Comes with pre-filters
  • One-year warranty
  • Doesn’t entirely kill odor

3. TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter — Premium Choice

TerraBloom TB-CF-416

This is the first real heavy-duty-looking filter in these reviews, and it holds up. This filter from TerraBloom is made of Western Australian charcoal and has a top grade of RC 48. The bed of charcoal in TerraBloom products is a miniscule 46mm thick and tightly packed in. TerraBloom claims that it can fit almost 15% more carbon in their products compared to competitors. Even with such small granules, air moves freely through this filter, but odors do not.

While some products are built simply to mitigate the smell that might be coming from your grow room, TerraBloom has made a filter that aims to eliminate it altogether. Not only can this filter be a boon to your grow room or tent, but you can also use it as a daily household appliance to get rid of other bad smells.

This filter comes with pre-filters and should be good for use for up to two years. This product comes with a 90-day warranty.

This is a wonderful product and does a great job at completely eliminating the smell of growing cannabis, but it should be noted that it works best for small doses. If you have a medium to big growing operation, just one of these filters is not going to cut it. We would recommend this filter for two to three plants max.

  • Made with RC48 Western Australian Charcoal
  • Eliminates odors
  • Good for 24 months
  • 90-day warranty
  • Best for small operations

4. VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter

Vivosun has made a filter that is also made with RC48 grade charcoal. They claim that their filter can catch up to three times the amount of odor due to the optimal surface area per carbon particle.

This filter is not only good for catching odors but also for catching harmful chemicals. When growing, you definitely want to make sure that nothing you don’t want in your plant is getting in there, and this is a good product for that. It’s also good for eliminating pet smells or for indoor smokers.

Vivosun’s filter can be used as either an intake or an exhaust. This product comes with Velcro pre-filters. The dimensions on this product are 4 inches by 14 inches.

This filter works well — at first. Most report that you can get about two months’ usage out of this, and then it is a wild card after that. Some have reported that this shoots chunks of charcoal into their ventilation fan. Fortunately, if you have any issues, Vivosun is backed by a friendly and helpful customer service team.

  • Good for all sorts of odors
  • Friendly and helpful customer service team
  • Works great
  • Might stop working after two months
  • Can blow chunks of charcoal into fan

5. Amagabeli LXQ0001 Carbon Filter

Amagabeli LXQ0001

Amagabeli has made a filter for many purposes, including cannabis growing. This is the shiniest product so far on our list, but it is meant for dirty work. Made from IAV Australian Charcoal, this filter boasts a 99.8% filtered airflow; 55% of this filter is open area, which allows air to easily enter. The easier that smelly air can get in, the easier it is to filter it!

This filter is made from galvanized steel to provide extra durability, as opposed to aluminum. Along with the metal makeup of this filter, it comes with washable pre-filters, extending its life.

This can be used as both an intake and as an exhaust, and to extend the life of the filter, Amagabelirecommends that you do just that. This product does a good job of containing smells in a small package, though it is not the smallest filter on this list.

This might be the most heavy-duty filter we’ve included so far on this list. It’s also the heaviest. Make sure that the support beams in your tent can handle this, along with the light you are using. This item can also have durability issues. For some folks, it lasts for quite some time, while others report it puttering out within weeks. This product has a tendency to cut airflow down quite severely over a period of time.

  • Galvanized steel
  • Can be used as exhaust or intake
  • Heavy duty
  • Durability concerns
  • Cuts down airflow

6. GROWNEER Air Carbon Filter


Made with the world’s most absorbent charcoal (from Australia!), this is a multipurpose filter, including eliminating the odors from a cannabis growing operation.

This filter is made with a cone-shaped base, which is said to bring out the best in active carbon. Aside from that, you won’t find any features on this product that aren’t on others of this list, though it doesn’t come with any pre-filters, which will add an extra expense to your operation. This is another filter with a reversible flange.

The people who are most fond of this filter are folks who use it to get rid of the smell of their pets or of smokers who smoked inside. Even then, there are durability concerns. If this has a hard time holding up to animals and smokers, it probably isn’t the best filter for a grow operation.

  • Reversible flange
  • Cone-shaped base
  • Best for pets and smokers
  • Durability concerns

7. AC Infinity AC-DCF4 Air Carbon Filter

AC Infinity AC-DCF4

AC Infinity brings us their version of a charcoal filter. As with the other filters on this list, there are a wide array of attractive features to a would-be buyer. First is the reversible flange, which gives the filter a longer life. It comes with a washable cloth pre-filter, as opposed to paper. The AC Infinity filter can be used as both an exhaust filter or an intake filter, depending on the needs of your setup. The outer mesh of this product helps regulate airflow, though even the manufacturer warns that this will cut your airflow in half.

This filter is a little bit longer than the others, so if space is tight for you, that might make a difference. The charcoal of this filter is not as highly rated as the others on our list, as this is made with RC412 Australian charcoal. The layer of charcoal is 60mm, which is a bit thicker than some of the others, so it catches less of the odor coming out of your room or tent.

The main complaint of this product is that it works well for a short time, and then suddenly stops.

  • Reversible flange
  • Machine washable pre-filters
  • Durability concerns

8. G-HYDRO Air Carbon Filter

G-HYDRO Air Carbon Filter

This product is advertised as “odor management” as opposed to “odor elimination,” and while we appreciate the honesty, we’re looking for filters that get rid of the smell altogether. That isn’t to say that this is a bad product, however, as it certainly performs as advertised!

This 4×14-inch filter is constructed similarly to the others on our list. G-HYDRO states that its design is scientifically proven to be the most effective at managing odors. There is a cone base, Western Australian charcoal, and a mesh outer that keeps up a ventilation rate of 53%. The charcoal is rated at RC48 (very good!), which should block 99% of the particles coming through it. This is another filter that can be used as both an exhaust filter and an intake filter.

Many growers who use this filter swear by it, claiming completely odor-free rooms. The only reason it’s not higher on our list is that it isn’t as well known yet.

  • RC48 charcoal
  • Can be used as exhaust or intake
  • Blocks 99% of particles
  • Not well known

Buyer Guide

With an ever-expanding market, there are more and more products to choose from when it comes to picking what you’ll put in your grow room or tent. As such, it is getting increasingly difficult for a newcomer to not be overwhelmed when making the leap into growing. In this section, we’ll go over things to consider before you purchase a carbon filter.


There are different materials that these filters can be made out of, and they all have their advantages. Galvanized steel is a common material. This metal is heavy and normally promotes a longer life for the filter. You will have to make sure that your grow tent can support the weight.

Aluminum is a lighter weight option but has a shorter lifespan. These will fit into more tents, but you might have to buy them more frequently.


Some pre-filters are washable, meaning that you can use them over and over. Others are not but are preferred by growers because they catch more particles. This can add expense to your operation. Most filters come with a set of pre-filters.


The thickness of the layer of charcoal and the shape and thickness of the granules play a big role in how effective your filter will be. A thicker layer will catch more odor and bad chemicals, but the granules should be as thin as possible. The more that are packed in together, the less room there is for any smells to get through. Of course, this could affect your air flow, so be sure to consider that as well.

Size of operation

One of these filters can work great for smaller operations, but if you wind up growing a whole bunch, you will certainly need several. You might also want to consider industrial-size filters at that point.


We always recommend checking the warranty of any product before buying. It is also a good idea to look into the reputation of the custom service staff. A lifetime warranty won’t do you any good if nobody responds to you.


While this isn’t a list of all the filters on the market, it is a wonderful starting point for a new grower or a nice reference for a seasoned vet looking for something new. Did you find the ideal filter for your operation? Is it our top pick from iPower? If not, perhaps you are drawn to our value pick, CoolGrows. Whatever you choose, we’re happy to be a part of your journey!

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