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Best Online Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to USA 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: May 4, 2020

Cannabis_Seed_Banks_HeaderChoosing through the massive list of seed banks available online is a struggle, to say the least.

Many companies claim to be the best, sometimes with reviews to back them up, but there’s no way to be sure which is going to be the best for you without some experience in the matter.

Depending on the type of seed needed it’s going to change a lot as well. Some specialize in very specific strains that have won them a bit of fame in the past and just double down on that path. Others offer more generalized offerings and beginner strains that take a bit of the work off new grower’s shoulders.

Our opinion on the best varies depending on the year, but we go through quite a few sellers and have checked out what they have available. We’re making our list of favorites available here, and we’ll go over why we like each one so much.

The 10 Best Online Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to USA

1. ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com

I Love Growing Marijuana Logo


  • Shipping: Worldwide (free to US and EU)
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers
  • Customer Service: Superb

Robert Bergman started this company back in 2012, based out of the Netherlands, but he’s been growing world-class cannabis for about 20 years now.

Bergman offers what is probably the most versatile and buyer-friendly seed bank in the entire world. His idea was to make great cannabis available to everybody and through a lot of work and research into getting seeds into the hands of anyone who wants them, they’ve been quite successful.

The website offers a wide variety of strains, though it is limited somewhat compared to other seedbanks. What they do have are choice strains that are picked out by experts in the field. Things like auto-flowering, quick-growing, and feminized seeds are all available as classic strains, which can be somewhat difficult to get your hands on elsewhere.

ILGM also has some of the best grow guides on the net to help growers, as well as customer service that cares about the customer. They were also one of the first seedbanks to adopt Bitcoin as a mode of payment, and even offer a discount for those who wish to use it. This is great for us crypto-nerds who wish to keep their seed purchases private, and we wish other banks would adopt these kinds of practices.

Finally, shipping to the EU and the US is completely free on all orders. It’s also very discreet. A big plus in our book.

To sum it up ILGM is the seed bank to choose from when you’re not searching for a very specific niche strain, but want a friendly company that is offering a wide array of quality strains around the world for a good price.

  • Classic strains
  • Good selection of seed types
  • Free discreet shipping
  • Takes Bitcoin
  • Not the largest selection of strains

2. Seedsman.comSeedsman


  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers, Money Order
  • Customer Service: Very good to excellent

The UK-based choice that now ships the US offering a massive library of seeds to choose from and even rare varieties to suit the needs of the experimental grower. There are over 3,000 varieties to choose from here that range across the board. Any grower can find something they’d love here, though a bit of research will be required to find the perfect choice.

However, even with this huge library to peruse, the website is laid out exceptionally to help narrow down choices fairly quickly and they offer specials on certain strains, dependent on stock, to whittle down that list even further. These specials combined with their selection make it downright one of the best online cannabis seed banks that ship to the US for the money, without a doubt.

Though it isn’t illegal to ship these from the UK, they know importing cannabis seeds can be a tricky business. Because of this, they offer very discreet shipping with options of ultra-stealth and guaranteed delivery to take any worry off the shoulders of the customer.

Furthermore, they also offer Bitcoin as well as a wide array of other payment options to help increase anonymity as much as possible.

There’s still the potential of issues that can crop up when shipping from a country like the UK, which is why it doesn’t make the top pick of the list, but they are a great company for exotic strains of cannabis and have been incredibly reliable in our experience.

  • Huge library of seeds
  • Good specials and discounts
  • Wide array of payment options
  • Ulta-discreet shipping and guaranteed delivery options
  • Based out of the UK, which can lead to potential importation issues

3. NirvanaShop.com



  • Shipping: Worldwide (guaranteed delivery)
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers, Money Order
  • Customer Service: Very good

Another Netherlands shop that offers unbeatable prices on a limited selection of seeds grown themselves. They’re also one of the most reliable and discreet shippers on this list, offering a delivery guarantee on every order. However, sometimes it can take quite a bit to get the order.

Though their stock is somewhat limited, they offer a good selection of strains, including high CBD types, with a variety of seed types. These guys have been around since the mid-’90s, just pumping out seeds as fast as they can. They offer a line of beginner-friendly seeds at a great price, and have an easily-navigable library to choose from that give some good details about what each strain has to offer.

The limited library may make it a non-starter for some of the more eclectic growers of the world, but it suits the needs of most and offers them a good product at a great price to boot.

  • Great prices
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Grow their own seeds
  • Limited selection
  • Shipping can take a while

4. TrueNorthSeedBank.comTrue North Seed Bank


  • Website: TrueNorthSeedBank.com
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers, Money Order
  • Customer Service: Very good to excellent

Finally, a seed bank a little bit closer to home. If the lengthy shipping and customs of the previous entries turned you off, then True North may be a better solution. Based out of Canada, they source their seeds from around the globe. Though they do not grow their own seeds as Nirvana does, they do host a wide selection of award-winning and limited availability strains.

The shipping time to the US is lightspeed compared to getting an order in from the Netherlands, which is a big bonus to us when we’re on a time crunch. Prices can be a bit higher than a bulk supplier, but the seeds are of really good quality and they do have specials which throw in free seeds rotating out nearly constantly.

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a bank closer to home, with some outright amazing seeds, then True North is an excellent choice.

  • Good selection of world-class seeds
  • Based out of Canada
  • Quick shipping
  • Prices are on the higher end of seed banks

5. SeedsSupreme.comSeeds Supreme


  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, MasterCard/Visa (only), Cash
  • Customer Service: Good

Another UK-based seed bank and the brainchild of a true-blue seed collector, offering high-quality versions of famous strains. They don’t offer anything very specialized, unfortunately, but they do have a large selection of popular strains at a very reasonable price.

Repeat customers also get to take part in their loyalty program, bringing the price down even further. Free seeds are also frequently offered with purchases, as well as a decent selection of specials that are always going on.

More than that is the very large discount given to Bitcoin users on this site. For crypto-currency people, this might be the best bank available, as those discounts can help out a lot when setting up a grow. Shipping and packaging are always discreet and they offer replacements for any missing packages as well, which is always nice.

They’re the bank to get to know if you’re consistently ordering different popular strains, but not the best for finding weird and esoteric varieties of cannabis. That all being said, it’s a great choice for a bank and they reward their customers greatly.

  • Great loyalty rewards
  • Low prices
  • Deep bitcoin discount
  • Replacements on missing orders
  • No rare strains generally
  • UK based, so potential shipping issues

6. AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com



  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers
  • Customer Service: Superb

Straight and to the point, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) has a great selection of different seeds and is very honest about what to expect from a product. There’s a lot of great info available on their site, while also having one of the more open and honest review policies we’ve seen in a seed bank.

AMS offers a pretty great selection of cheaper seeds as well as CBD-high medical varieties, making it a great place to start for newer growers. Their website’s functionality allows for in-depth searching for specific strain qualities such as yield and strength, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Shipping times can vary over to the US, though, with some orders taking nearly a month. The price is fine if you have the time, but waiting a month only to find out the order was confiscated at the border can be frustrating.

On the bright side, they do offer shipping replacements if this occurs and their customer service is quite speedy in that regard.

  • Offers a selection of high CBD strains
  • Catalog of cheap seeds
  • Easily navigable
  • Long shipping times
  • Mid-tier products

7. QuebecCannabisSeeds.com



  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, MasterCard/Visa (only), Cash
  • Customer Service: Average

A high-demand seed bank based out of Canada that offers a great selection of seeds that can get to the US quickly. They’ve been operating since about 2013, though their website looks dated even for that era. Being said, they do offer a good product and consistently deliver on an expedient schedule.

There’s a lot of research that goes into the exact genetics of the seeds they’re selling, and they try to make sure that all the seeds come from mothers that have shown hardiness in the face of pests and have a proven track record of great yields. This is the kind of seed bank you go to if you’re looking for seeds that will always deliver, even if something goes slightly wrong during the grow.

All seeds are inspected by experts before they go out and are replaced if anything looks abnormal. They ship with stealth at a flat rate of $10, and you can expect your order within about 2 weeks of payment.

Price-wise they’re on the higher end, but they do have the quality to back it.

  • Quick shipping
  • Well-researched and quality genes
  • Can be expensive

8. CropKingSeeds.com



  • Website: CropKingSeeds.com
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Debit/Credit Card, E-Transfer
  • Customer Service: Superior

Crop King Seeds have been in the game since the mid-oughts, creating a stylized brand of specialized seeds to suit the needs of growers who are looking for a consistent product every time. This is another Canadian operation, meaning fairly quick shipping times and less likelihood of customs seizures.

They have 30 in-house strains they have cultivated, in a variety of seed forms, that cannot be purchased anywhere else, which makes them one of the rare seed banks that is creating at least some of their seeds. However, they also carry a fair amount of other popular strains to meet the needs of less adventurous growers.

Ease-of-use is the name of the game with the Crop King as their seeds are meant to be very consistent and predictable. Their website, though somewhat hilarious, is very navigable and walks you through all the different types of seeds available.

Crop King Seeds also doesn’t play around with security. They send their seeds out stealthfully within everyday objects and permanently delete all payment and shipping info once the orders have been complete.

Price-wise they’re on the mid to high end, but if speediness and stealth are a concern then Crop King is the place to go.

  • Exclusive strains
  • Quick and very stealth shipping
  • Very reliable seeds
  • Price is on the higher end
  • Not the largest selection

9. Seed-City.com



  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Debit/Credit Card, Cash, plus localized methods
  • Customer Service: Good (not great for beginners)

Offering one of the larger selections of cannabis in the UK, Seed City works with breeders to ensure each product comes from a well-bred lineage of plants even when dealing with more rare seeds. The prices on this site are incredible when searching through their specials, making them a great place to start for low-budget growers.

They don’t offer a lot in the way of hand-holding for new growers during the selection process, but if you know what you want and Seed City is carrying it, they’re very consistent in delivery with quality.

Shipping is always stealth and they offer worldwide shipping including the US. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, even if their site is lacking. Contacting the team behind Seed City is easy and they are always happy to answer any questions.

  • Breeder-backed seeds
  • Low price specials
  • Website is fairly hard to navigate
  • Limited info for new growers

10. MinistryofCannabis.com

Ministry of Cannabis logo


  • Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping on large orders)
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers, Money Order
  • Customer Service: Very good

Based partially out of Spain, the Ministry of Cannabis has been around since 2008, specializing in auto-flowering strains of cannabis that rival others in both price and quality. As far as selection goes with MoC, they have pretty standard fare until you get to their auto-flowering selections. Here is where they stand out and although it is a niche, they deserve a spot on this list just for their wide array of auto-flowerers.

They offer discreet shipping, worldwide, and even free delivery over certain order amounts.

It’s not our go-to for world-standard strains or exotics, but there is something to be said about a good quality auto-flowering seed for a quick and satisfying grow that doesn’t need a lot of fine-tuning to get right.

For the middle of the road pricing on top of the line auto-flowering seeds, MoC is a fair pick.

  • Discreet worldwide shipping
  • Specialized in auto-flowering strains
  • Better off elsewhere for anything but auto-flowering seeds

Buyer’s Guide

The world of seed banks is a vast one, and there are some pretty specific things to look out for when purchasing a new one. There’s a lot of considerations to be had, depending on the grower, so mileage is always going to vary for each one of these depending on your exact needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the important qualities we look for in a good seed bank.


Whether they offer a general selection, a list tailored by breeders, or seeds meant for beginners, thinking about the specialization each seed bank offers is a good way to get started pruning the list of which seed bank is best for you.

Seed banks offering a massive selection tend to have less control over each of their specific products. This isn’t always true; sometimes, they vet their breeders thoroughly. As a general rule, ordering some weird, exotic strain from the back catalogs of a massive store may not be the best way to go about things.

Tailored lists by breeders can give better results when searching for more interesting strains than spelunking deep into parts unknown. These tend to offer less of a selection, but guarantee a certain level of quality when grown the intended way. This isn’t always possible for small growers, but those with more accommodating setups can get a lot of product out of breeder specialized seed banks.

Finally, seed banks that cater to beginners tend to offer more feminized and auto-flowering seeds. These are a great way to start but lacking a bit in yield and the quality of genes. This means they aren’t ideal as breeding plants but can create a great, consistent harvest under most circumstances.

Delivery and Stealth

So, this is either a big deal or completely irrelevant depending on the laws around you and your life situation. For much of the US, cannabis is not something you want the local authorities to know you are growing. Even in states that have made it legal, there’s a stigma that surrounds the plant, thanks to the decades of prohibition.

Because of this, many growers are very sympathetic to people who don’t want to receive packages in the mail that are obviously from a cannabis seed bank. Stealth delivery options vary from free to a small upcharge, but banks that offer discreet shipping are the way to go when this is a concern.

Furthermore, shipments from across the Atlantic which have to go through multiple customs ports, tend to disappear more than shipments that just have to make a quick hop across the Canadian border.

There’s a risk here, and limiting it in as many ways possible is the idea.


This list is curated of course, and everyone here has shown a ton of class in consistently producing amazing seeds. However, when scouring through the many seed banks out there, make sure their experience matches up with the available seeds.

Breeders and collectors that have moved onto selling tend to be leagues better than capitalists just trying to move in on a growing market. Look out for red flags such as inadequate information on generalized websites.

This isn’t always true for super-specialized products, but a website selling nothing but common strains but having very little information about them tends to be one to avoid. A good quality blog always stands out as a company that knows what they’re selling, or at least customer support that can answer a few questions.

Seed Types

Seeds from specialized breeders, though they tend to have very fine-tuned genomes, will almost always be harder to grow than products that have been specially bred for ease of use.

For new growers or ones that just doesn’t want to pay close attention to the finer details during a grow, feminized and auto-flowering varieties offer a lot of punch in a very easy to grow package.

Banks that are proud of the consistent quality of their easier to use strains should be kept in mind, and researched, to see if they are offering something that could make your first growing experience into a great one.


Selecting the best seed bank doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Simply refine it down into a bank that satisfies what you need in a specific grow. Furthermore, one that is well-known and has the reviews to back it up should always be under consideration just for the known consistency of the product.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com is our go-to for this reason. We have had a lot of great experience with them in the past, and their online presence and great quality articles back up our feelings.

If the price is the biggest factor in ordering, Seedsman.com is stellar about having great deals.

For more specialized grows though, TrueNorthSeedBank.com has a lot to offer the connoisseurs among us.

Hopefully, this helped to navigate the perilous waters that are cannabis seed banks. There are more options out there than ever before and many of them are great.

Featured Image Credit By: Esteban Lopez, flickr