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9 Best 1000W LED Grow Lights in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated: February 2, 2022

cannabis inside a grow tent with full spectrum lights

Every indoor cannabis grow’s success will depend on the skill of the grower and the potential of their chosen strain. However, experienced growers know that adding a high potency LED grow light to their setup can lead to truly incredible yields on their harvest.

Because of their relatively recent introduction to the market though, choosing LED grow lights can be an overwhelming project. Fly by night manufacturers trying to make a quick buck off cheaply sourced lights that will burn out in no time… So, it’s especially important to do your research before making an investment in something like a 1000-watt LED grow light.

That’s why we’ve consulted with experienced indoor cannabis growers to put together this review of the top 10 best 1000W LED grow lights. Instead of trying your luck on the first light that looks good enough, follow our guide to determining what the best solution is for your setup.

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners (2022)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
H&GROW A1000 LED Grow Light H&GROW A1000 LED Grow Light
  • Full spectrum light coverage
  • Easy to use “panel” style
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Lightweight and energy efficient
  • Full spectrum lighting for every stage of your grow
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light
  • Ultra-powerful Samsung LEDs
  • No assembly required, ready right out of the box
  • No fans = less maintenance
  • MARS HYDRO TS Led Grow Light MARS HYDRO TS Led Grow Light
  • Great light penetration
  • Full spectrum light for every growing phase
  • Easy setup
  • HIGROW LED Grow Light Phlizon HIGROW LED Grow Light Phlizon
  • Full spectrum light for every growing phase
  • 3-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee
  • Good cooling capacity
  • The 9 Best 1000w LED Grow Lights

    1. H&GROW A1000 LED Grow Light – Best Overall


    To secure our number 1 spot, we searched high and low for a 1000W LED grow light that combined the best of all qualities. In short, it needs to be affordable, powerful, and versatile – and this light from H&Grow definitely fits the bill!

    As a fantastic example of a traditional “panel” style LED grow light, the H&Grow is equipped with three LED chips instead of the usual two. Without going into too much detail, this means that it has greater brightness and energy efficiency than any other panel style light on our list.

    Combine that with a full light spectrum, two high-speed cooling fans, and an exceptional warranty and return policy, and it’s clear to us why this light is our #1 pick for 1000W LED grow lights. But once you see its price in comparison to similar lights, we think you’ll agree that it’s the perfect grow light for almost any setup.

    • 3 chips design makes it brighter and more efficient
    • Full spectrum light coverage
    • Easy to use “panel” style
    • Excellent cooling system
    • 3-year warranty, 12-month replacement guarantee, 90-day return policy
    • Only covers up to a 3.5’ x 3.5’ growing area
    • Other styles of LED light have greater canopy penetration

    2. PARFACTWORKS LED Grow Light – Best Value


    Can you get your grow started for as little as possible while also maintaining excellent yields? With a no-frills, function-focused LED panel light like the Parfactworks 1000W, you definitely can!

    With this model, Parfactworks has trimmed down everything about great panel LEDs to their most efficient basics. By doing so, they can offer the light at a lower price than any other grow light that graces our list.

    As a full-spectrum light, it’s suitable for every phase of your grow, from cloning to veg to flower. Its dual cooling fans will keep the temperature in your grow room comfortable, without needing an additional ventilation system. And while it’s not going to cover a huge grow area, its small size and light weight make it a breeze to install.

    Essentially, this is a fantastic light for beginners. Anything more than a small grow, though, and you’ll need either an extra light or a larger one. Effectively negating your savings. If it were just a little bit larger, it might have taken our #1 spot. But as it stands, it’s still one of the best 1000w LED grow lights for the money.

    • Lightweight and energy efficient
    • Excellent cooling system
    • Full spectrum lighting for every stage of your grow
    • Very affordable
    • Only covers a small growing area
    • Better for beginners than experienced growers

    3. Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light – Premium Choice

    Spider Farmer

    When you graduate to a larger growing area and more plants, there are only a few options for how to increase your lighting with LEDs. You could just add more of the traditional “panel” style from our previous two reviews. Or, you can plan for a larger grow, and invest in a spider style LED grow light that’s perfect for the increased plant volume.

    Of course, this larger rig from Spider Farmer still offers a full spectrum lighting solution, making it usable for every stage of your grow. Because of its spread-out design, though, it actually doesn’t require any fans to keep the temperature down – just large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks.

    Perhaps the major advantage of this style of light, and especially this product, is its amazing light penetration into your grow canopy. Some panel style lights lack the intensity necessary to reach the inner leaves of your plants once they start to spread out – but spider style lights like this one spread a greater intensity of light more evenly, and greater light penetration means greater yields!

    By adding top of the line Samsung LM301B LED diodes to this already excellent grow light, Spider Farmer secured its place as our Premium Choice. Is it expensive? Yes. But if you’re looking for the maximum possible yield from your grow, it’s the best choice on our list.

    • Wide “spider” style gives great light penetration
    • Ultra-powerful Samsung LEDs
    • No fans = less maintenance
    • No assembly required, ready right out of the box
    • 3-year maintenance policy
    • Big investment, expensive
    • Very thin construction

    4. MARS HYDRO TS Led Grow Light


    Similar to the Spider Farm reviewed above, this Mars Hydro “board” style light is designed to maximize growing yield by increasing light penetration and intensity. But does it do so as well as the Spider Farm?

    In many ways, the Mars Hydro 1000W LED grow light is a dead ringer for our top premium pick. Full spectrum LED lights, powerful penetration, easy setup and use, and no need for fans make it an excellent choice for the price.

    Where it may have an advantage is in its clever use of aluminum backing to maximize light reflection. Because of this, it can even cover a slightly larger grow area than any other light in this review.

    For the price, though, we wish that it came with a warranty like our top 3 choices. Some reviewers have reported that the reflectivity makes it run hotter than expected, which will eventually lead to diode burnouts. Without a warranty, you’ll be on the hook for paying to replace them.

    • Exceptional coverage area
    • Great light penetration
    • Full spectrum light for every growing phase
    • Easy setup
    • No warranty
    • Big investment cost
    • Runs hotter than expected

    5. HIGROW LED Grow Light Phlizon


    Coming in right between the specifications of many other models in this review, the HIGROW 1000W LED grow light has just about everything you want out of a panel style LED grow light, and not much of anything that you don’t.

    Full spectrum lights make it suitable for every phase of an indoor grow, and the ability to “daisy chain” it together with more lights from the same model makes it easier to upgrade for larger grows. Only having one fan puts it a little bit behind our top 2 picks, but it still does a fine job of staying cool. A 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee help to make it an attractive option, too.

    Besides the ability to link together multiple units, though, there’s not much to differentiate this product from our top pick besides having slightly less power. Because it costs just a few dollars more, we can’t strongly recommend it to anyone except a grower interested in daisy chaining their LED panel lights.

    • Can be linked with other units from one power source
    • Full spectrum light for every growing phase
    • 3-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee
    • Good cooling capacity
    • Slightly more expensive than similar models
    • Not as powerful as our #1 pick
    • Slightly less cooling ability than similar models

    6. CREE Cob Series LED Plant Grow Light 

    CREE Cob Series

    In addition to panel and spider style LED grow lights, there’s one other style option to consider: COB, or chip on board. These lights jam as many LED chips into a small “bulb” as possible, making for intense light… But also, much greater electricity use.

    When you’re looking for maximum light penetration into a strain with a thick, dense canopy, COB style LED grow lights are the way to go. They’re full spectrum, meaning you can use them for any phase of a grow – and their strong, directed light will reach even the most hidden of leaves.

    In both initial investment and continual operating costs, COB rigs are more expensive than any other style of LED. For this price, you can end up with exceptional yields. But it’s still a question of whether you really need this much power for the type of grow you’re working on.

    • Ultra-bright “chip on board” style
    • Extremely effective canopy penetration for greater yields
    • Full spectrum light for every grow phase
    • 2-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee
    • Greater initial investment
    • Greater operating costs
    • Need a large grow to justify costs

    7. BLOOMSPECT B1000 LED Grow Lights


    1000W panel style LED grow lights often have many of the same or similar features. For example, this product from Bloomspect matches many of the other panel style lights we’ve already reviewed: Full spectrum light, a high-speed cooling fan, energy efficient operation, and a decent warranty policy.

    This is why it’s important to ask how these panel style lights differ just as much as how they’re similar. For the Bloomspect, it offers a feature that no other light on our list can lay claim to: You can switch it between three different light modes, each custom-fit to a specific phase of the grow cycle.

    So, if you’re looking for maximum control over what spectrum of light your cannabis is exposed to at every phase of the grow, this LED grow light is your best bet.

    • Full spectrum light
    • 3 light modes to dial in clone, veg, and flower phases
    • Energy efficient operation
    • 2-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee
    • Not that different from our top picks
    • Slightly more expensive
    • Shorter warranty

    8. KingLED Reflector Series LED Grow Light

    KingLED Reflector

    (Second last pick. Definitely not as good as #1 pick. Show this by e.g. having a lot of cons.)

    If you’ve read through the previous reviews, you know the drill by now for panel style LED grow lights: They’re full spectrum, energy efficient, have cool operating temperatures, and often come with a warranty.

    This KingLED grow light has all those same features, as well as a two-way veg/bloom switch for its lights. In many ways, it’s a perfectly fine 1000W LED grow light – but in our opinion, it doesn’t offer anything that our previous choices haven’t done better… Or at a better price.

    More expensive than our other options, we really can’t necessarily recommend this one for much of anything besides its robust warranty policy and responsive customer service.

    • 3-year warranty, 90-day money back guarantee
    • Perfectly fine LED grow light
    • More expensive than other units we’ve reviewed
    • Doesn’t offer anything more than other units we’ve reviewed

    9. BESTVA DC-1000W LED Grow Light


    We really wanted to like the BESTVA grow light. It has the same features that we’ve come to expect out of panel style LEDs, from full spectrum light to energy efficiency to a great warranty. They even included that neat veg/bloom switch option for dialing in your grow phases.

    But honestly, it just doesn’t offer enough for the price. They’ve chosen to go with an aluminum plate radiator rather than a high-speed cooling fan, so it’ll run hotter than other products we’ve reviewed… And hotter operating temperatures mean more burned out diodes, period. Look to the other products we’ve reviewed for your grow light needs.

    • 3-year warranty, 90-day satisfaction guarantee
    • Veg/bloom switch is nifty
    • No cooling fan means hotter operating temperatures
    • Hotter operating temperatures mean more burned out diodes
    • You’ll have to pay to replace burned out diodes
    • Too expensive

    Buyer’s Guide: Select the Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights

    grow lights with timer

    Image Credit: moxumbic, Shutterstock

    For the most part, LED grow lights offer many of the same features no matter what style. What the different styles do best, is let you optimize your grow for the most abundant yields possible. So, when you’re looking for a 1000W LED grow light, there are 3 things you need to take into consideration to find the perfect rig for your grow:

    1. Coverage

    What’s the square footage of plant space you’re looking to cover? While a panel style LED might seem like the best bargain, spider or COB lights often work better for larger grows. For anything over 4 plants, consider upgrading to a larger or more intense LED grow light.

    2. Penetration

    What strain are you growing? Check the specs for it and see how bushy it’s likely to grow during the flower phase. To get the best yield possible from more robust strains, you’ll need a powerful light with great canopy penetration.

    3. Operating Costs

    Panel and spider grow light rigs will have the energy efficiency that LED grow lights are known for, but COB lights can get pricier rather quickly. If you’re going for minimum operating costs and want to save on electricity, it’s probably best to avoid COBs and pick a different lighting strategy


    All said and done, the H&GROW A1000 LED Grow Light is easily our #1 pick for multi-purpose 1000W LED grow light use. Its combination of everything you need for indoor growing is remarkable for the price it’s offered at. That said, it only narrowly beat out the PARFACTWORKS LED Grow Light, whose slightly smaller coverage area is its only disadvantage.

    Thank you for reading today! We hope we’ve made it easier for you to narrow down your options for 1000W LED grow lights and choose the light that’s the best fit for your particular grow. Best of luck with all your indoor growing adventures!

    Featured Image Credit: faboi, Shutterstock