Advanced Platinum Series P600 Review


Ready to grow plants indoors? Get yourself the Advanced Platinum Series P600 today! We all know how important light is when it comes to cultivating plants. Well, this one got you completely covered because it’s a full spectrum grow light that includes 12 bands of light spectrum. And since it covers IR to UV wavelengths, it can supply your plants with the right spectrum they need for every stage.

Advanced Platinum Series P600

This lighting system gained its popularity because of its capability to completely cover a 4-feet tent. The P600 also uses top-quality LEDs that guarantee efficiency, maximum output, and reliability. And because it’s LED, it offers low growing temperatures and higher yields.


Size 36″x8″x3″
Weight 24 lbs.
LED Quantity 200x3w US MADE LEDs
HID Equivalent 800w HPS
Avg. Power Draw 184w Veg / 368w Bloom
Core/Bloom Coverage at 18 inch: 5 x 2/2.5 feet
Max./Veg. Coverage at 18 inch: 6 x 3.75 feet
Life Span 100,000 Hours/8-10 years
Warranty 5-year USA based warranty
Amazon Avg. Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars

Features of the Product

Say good bye to additional fans or air conditioners! This lighting system highlights four huge cooling fans which pull air in from the side and release the air to the top, so it’s cool to touch. More importantly, these fans are quiet!

Advanced Platinum Series P600 fans

The panel also boasts of its 200 top-quality 3 Watt USA-made LEDs that include 90-degree secondary focusing lenses which can cover all corners.

It also features selectable Veg and Bloom light spectrums to provide maximum performance from seedling to the final stage.

Advanced Platinum Series P600 veg and bloom switchesThe Veg spectrum highlights a more purple/blue heavy output which is best for the development of leaves.

You can also switch on the Bloom with the Veg to allow 100% panel power. The lights will then give off a pink/red large output.

With the P600, you don’t need any other lighting!

Growth Stage Distance from LED Switch
Seedlings/Clones 36-40 inches VEG
Early Vegetative Stage 24 inches VEG
Late Vegetative Phase 24 inches VEG + BLOOM
Flowering Stage 18 inches VEG + BLOOM

Why Should You Buy the Advanced Platinum Series P600?

Because it can cover 5′ x 2.75′ during the plants’ flowering phase, it’s ideal for limited grow tents. It even provides 2-3x the output compared to other LED brands. That means if you have a small tent, you can settle with just this and forget all your “light” troubles.

Because the Advanced Platinum Series P600 is an LED type of lighting system, it also consumes 40% less energy compared to standard High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light bulbs. During the flowering stage, the P600 uses only 345 watts compared to the 800 watts that HPS lights use.

It’s also one durable panel. It has a solid construction and a robust feel. Plus, you won’t have any problem with setting it up. Whether you’re growing indoor marijuana, tomatoes, flowers, and other plants, the P600 can supply the appropriate light for your plants to grow and mature.

A light panel is needed when growing indoor cannabis because direct sunlight is absent. This is why you have to buy the Advanced Platinum Series P600; it can replicate real sunlight and is proven to be an adequate substitute for the sun.

Aside from that, it even offers a 90-day money back guarantee in case you don’t appreciate the product.

And finally, the P600 is under the category of LED grow lights which have various benefits. That alone already proves how impressive this panel is!

Pros & Cons

Eventually, we’ll have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this product because nothing’s perfect.


  • It’s the best USA-built LED panel so far
  • It offers Veg and Bloom switches
  • The P600 provides the highest PAR output per watt
  • It has a 5-year warranty


  • It’s expensive
  • Because it’s extremely bright, the grower needs to use eye protection
  • It’s a bit heavy because of the oversized aluminum cooling heat sinks

What Are Customers Saying About It?

A lot of clients appreciate how easy it is to install and how solid it feels. They say as long as you follow the height recommended, you won’t burn or damage your plants using this panel. Most customers also guaranteed that it only emits very little heat, making the P600 perfect for small, enclosed spaces.

However, a few customers had issues with the switches and loose screws when the product was delivered to them. One customer even pointed out that one of the fans squealed loudly after just four weeks.


If you’re looking for the best panel on the market today and your budget isn’t limited at all, then it’s wise to purchase this high-rated light panel for your cannabis or other plants. It’s loved by many and recommended by most of the customers who tested it. If you want to grow plants indoors seriously, don’t think about the few advantages this product has. They’re nothing compared to the greatness of the Advanced Platinum Series P600. So, what are you waiting for? Invest now!

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