Advanced Platinum Series P450 Review


Advanced Platinum Series P450If you want to supply your plants with 100% usable light, you must check out the P450! It uses only 250 watts of actual power and efficiently replaces a traditional 600w HPS grow light.

It’s ideal for small and medium tents, closet grows, and hydroponic trays. The P450 is even tailored to produce the optimum photosynthetic response. This grow light is loved by many because the growers can receive the benefits they paid for.

The Advanced Platinum Series P450 also comes with complete 12-band spectrum of light, perfect for all plant stages. It’s powerful, affordable, and energy-efficient! What more can you ask for?


Size 19″x11″x3″
Weight 15 lbs.
LED Quantity 150x3w US-Made LEDs
HID Equivalent 600w HPS
Avg. Power Draw 137w Veg / 274w Bloom
Core/Bloom Coverage at 18 inch: 3 feet x 2.5 feet
Max./Veg. Coverage at 18 inch: 4.5 feet x 4 feet
Life Span 100,000 Hours/8-10 years
Warranty 5-year USA based warranty
Amazon Avg. Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

Features of the Product

It’s a full-spectrum LED grow light with 12 wavelengths ranging from infrared to ultraviolet. Because of this, it replicates sunlight efficiently. The P450 can also be switched to bloom for additional flower power. Thanks to this panel being LED, it doesn’t generate excessive heat even if you place them side by side; that means, your plants won’t get burned.

The P450 also consumes less energy, thereby decreasing operating costs. It also highlights its solid build and professional design.

Advanced Platinum Series P450 fans

Furthermore, it comes with cooling fans on top, so you don’t have to buy extra fans to keep the growing area cool. These fans are also quiet.

Another great thing about this panel is that it accepts a vast range of electric voltages.

Why Should You Buy the Advanced Platinum Series P450?

Simple. It’s worth the investment!

The P450 produces greater yields and lower temperatures when compared to HID lights. If you’re a cannabis grower who wants to take gardening seriously, this is the perfect choice for you. It doesn’t just replace natural sunlight to help you grow your marijuana, tomatoes, strawberries, etc., the P450 also supplies light for every growth stage of your plant! That means it can provide the appropriate amount of light to your seedling until it’s ready for harvest.

Just like its bigger version, the Advanced Platinum Series P600, P450 also consumes about 40% less energy when compared to standard High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps.

Durability? Check! Efficiency? Check!

You’re definitely going to love this product. However, in case you don’t, you can refund it within 90 days after purchase. That is almost an impossible case, though.

LED grow lights are trendy and in-demand nowadays. So if you don’t want to be left behind, try the Advanced Platinum Series P450 and get more than you bargained for!

Pros & Cons

Of course, we all know nothing’s perfect, regardless of what the manufacturers advertise. So here are the perks and drawbacks of the P450.


  • It’s a full-spectrum grow light that allows the plants to grow healthy, strong, and beautifully.
  • It’s ideal for small indoor gardens
  • Saves electricity and money
  • It’s light weight
  • It’s versatile and sturdy


  • The manufacturer claims it’s for 4-by-4 foot rooms, but it’s better for 3-by-3 foot.
  • Its price is not ideal for beginner growers because it’s costly

What Are Customers Saying About It?

Most customers are satisfied with the excellent quality of the P450. They lauded the built, brightness, and the efficiency of the product as well. Other even mentioned that it looks and feels like a premium product and that its performance is impressive. Some were even surprised by how bright it is considering the small size of the panel. Customers also love how it works as advertised. In fact, a few clients who used HID lamps before switched to the P450 LED lights, and they didn’t regret the decision!

Advanced Platinum Series P450

On the other hand, a few complained about the excessive space above the light when the panel is hanged using the provided cables. Some also commented that the fans are a bit noisy. A few P450 products delivered to customers also didn’t work well or operated only for a short while then stopped working.

There are complaints about the product, but they are only small in number compared to the compliments. One thing is for sure: If you give it a try, it’s probably the best LED grow light you’ll ever own.


If you want your cannabis plants to look like they’re alive and blooming, you need the Advanced Platinum Series P450. Sure, it may have a few drawbacks, but price-wise, you’re getting the best out of your money! This panel saves your money by providing all the light your plant will need for every stage and lessening your energy costs. The Advanced Platinum Series P450, regardless of the few comments about it, will exceed your expectations, and that’s for sure.

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