7 Reasons Why LED Grow Lights Are Perfect for Growing Plants

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For starters, indoor plants require as much sunlight as outdoor ones. Before LED grow lights entered the picture, fluorescent bulbs and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps were used. However, these two weren’t recommended for little grow room owners who only need a compact lighting system because these lights require you to have a vast area for the equipment because of the enormous heat they produce. HPS and fluorescent lights also demand a proper ventilation system to prevent them from building up the heat.

In another article, we’ve explained why full-spectrum LED grow lights are beneficial. In this article, we’ll give you the other five advantages you can get from these new products on the market.

Shall we start?

  1. G8LED 240They are compact

As mentioned earlier, LED grow lights are smaller in structure which also makes them easier to install. In fact, setting them up is completely idiot-proof. All you have to know is the required distance between the lights and the plants before you hang them.

  1. They do not require extra ventilation equipment

LED grow lights do not release a significant amount of heat, so you don’t have to purchase a separate ventilation system. They are effective even without large fans.

  1. They can be installed side by side

Because they are small and do not heat up, they can be placed adjacent to each other, which means you don’t have to own a huge grow room.

  1. They are energy-efficient

LED grow lights are superior because of they save energy. According to research, they can decrease the consumption of energy by 40% which makes them eco-friendlier than HPS lamps. However, it doesn’t end there. Another recent study even revealed that they can still decrease energy consumption up to 75%. Imagine if they are used on a larger scale. We can save more energy for a greener world!

  1. Advanced Platinum Series P600They are flexible

Aside from their variety of adjustable wavelengths, LED grow lights have a more flexible technology and design compared to HPS lights and fluorescent bulbs. Plus, LED lights can also be utilized as multilayer vertical systems, ceiling lights, and even inter-lighting designs amidst plants.

  1. They release less heat but more light

These lights emit far less heat which is vital for the growth of your plants. After all, too much heat can burn them before they even mature. Even if they don’t get burned, excessive heat can damage the plants and decrease their growth. With LED grow lights, however, this won’t be an issue. They discharge less heat but give the right amount for your plants to grow and blossom.

  1. They are cheaper in the long run

Sure, they can be more expensive than the alternative lighting systems, but because their operating costs are less, they are cheaper. LED lights are economical especially because you don’t have to spend money for extra fans especially during summer. Plus, you can utilize the same bulbs for an extended period, which you can’t do with other types of lights as they require frequent replacement which can be expensive.

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Peter P says October 16, 2017

Great info. I’ve recently decided to replace my old manual growing setup with LED grow lights, and this post just confirms me in the fact, that what I did was right.

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